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By now, you know we celebrated my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary at Tradewinds resort in St Pete Beach, Florida. Read all about our trip here. After the celebrating was over, our family decided to stay a few extra days and explore Tradewinds. It is without a doubt the perfect family resort in St Pete Beach!

Tradewinds offers 28 acres of beach and is packed with fun for families of all ages. From the 5 pools, 3 story waterslide, 450 cabanas, and daily activities, you have the option for plenty of adventure, relaxation, or a mixture of both!

One of my favorite things about Tradewinds is all of the activities and amenities that are included in your stay! Here are the top 8 MUST DO activities for your next stay at Tradewinds.

1. Beach Cornhole– Cornhole is a very big thing in our family, so the moment we walked onto the beach and saw those boards set up, I knew a lot of our time would be spent there. With several boards and sets of bags, there is plenty of room for multiple games. *

2. Zipling on the Zing Ray– This was my first time zip lining and I’m not if there is any better way to zip line than on a gorgeous St. Pete beach. You have access to unlimited rides on the three story dual line zip line. My daughter took full advantage of the unlimited rides. In fact, we watched my husband and son ride and our plan was to go next. She was so excited, she ventured on her very first zip line ride SOLO leaving me in the sand! I watched in astonishment as she flew down the beach with a smile from ear to ear. Of course, I got my turn and we spent the remainder of the afternoon taking in the spectacular views while zip lining towards the ocean.

3. Paddle Boating– One of the best activities my kids looked forward to everyday were the paddle boats in the waterways of the Island Grand resort. There are even stations set up if you’d like to feed the fish!

4. Surf simulator– The Surf WipeOut simulator at the RumFish resort was so much fun. There are two stations set up and of course, unlimited rides. It was so much fun to go back each day and see who would be the longest surfer!

5. Beach Connect Four– You know our family thrives on competition, and beach Connect Four brought it all out! The beach games are conveniently set up between two sets of cabanas and in front of the giant waterslide, making the perfect hub of activities, especially if you have little ones running around. When you’re tired of being crowned the Connect Four and Corn Hole winner, explore some of the other games like Bimini Ring, Ladder Ball, Bocce ball, or beach Volleyball. *

6. Touch Tank– Tradewinds truly has it all, including an incredible touch tank experience at the Outfitter Shop at the RumFish resort. Here we were able to hold sea urchins and touch horseshoe crabs while learning all about the sea life and participating in marine trivia. Be sure to check the schedule as the Touch Tank experience is available during specific hours.

7. Finding shells– There’s a reason St. Pete Beach is rated one of the top beaches to visit. The ocean is gorgeous and contains the most amazing sea shells. We spent HOURS finding the different gorgeous shells and even stumbled upon an abundance of sand dollars brought in from a local storms. As a bonus we saw dolphins in the ocean everyday!

8. 3-Story Waterslide– The High Tide Water Slide sits right on the beach and is a blast for the entire family! We had multiple races on the 200 foot slide and couldn’t get enough!

Pro Tip* We tried to book our cabanas toward the center of the beach games since that area was a hub for all of the beach activities for the family.

These are just a portion of the incredible things to do at Tradewinds! We also had a blast in the pool playing the poolside invasion games, watching the dive-in movies at the Island Grand’s beachfront pool, and roasting marshmallows on the beach! There are a slew of activities and excisions you can purchase too! Stand up paddle boards, parasailing, jet ski tours and rentals, Shell Island Dolphin Cruise and Sunset Cruise, scuba diving, fishing, renting aquabanas and floating loungers that float in the ocean.. plus so much more!

Before we departed for home, we were able to see how the spirit of the holiday season was captured, which left us wanting to go back for Christmas!

Check out all of the live action of our Top 8 Must Do Activities in our Tiktok and be sure to get in on the adventure by booking your next family vacation at Tradewinds!

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