Toys for Learning to Walk

Your baby’s first steps are a monumental milestone in his life. As your little one is learning to gain their balance and working up the courage to take those first steps, you can help. Using walker toys is a great way to encourage walking!

We picked up the Fisher Price Walker to Wagon when my oldest son was just learning to stand. He absolutely loved having the independence of crawling over to the walker and pulling himself up. As he became more comfortable pushing the walker, he would go around the house in circles! The walker was sturdy enough to hold him up but light enough for him to adjust if he needed to reposition his direction.


The handle of the walker easily clips into the back to create a wagon, perfect for toddlers that no longer need assistance when walking. We used the walker to wagon with my youngest son and had the same amount of success. Both boys loved being able to pull the wagon around the house (and in the yard).

The walker to wagon was the perfect walking toy to grow with them!


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