Once upon a time…

a city girl fell in love with a country boy, and life got crazy!


Welcome to our little world

I’m crissy

Also know as the City girl married to a country boy, I relish in being a perfectly imperfect mom and wife. My days of rolling up my sleeves and deep diving to solve problems in corporate came to a halt after I experienced a freak accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury! Living life with a TBI has a lot of unchartered waters, but I take it day by day with a grateful heart.

I’m a music lover, social butterfly, and sports fanatic who lives and breathes Steelers Nation during football season. Whether its attending the school’s PTA meeting, going fishing, or having an impromptu kitchen dance session, its my mission to stay a dedicated, fun, and fashionable mom. 

Follow me on my adventures cheering from the sidelines, focusing on the bright side, counting my blessings, and striving to raise well rounded kids who will make the world a better place!

xo Crissy



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