Good Moms Have Professional Portraits

When you become a mom there are many “unwritten” rules that are customary to follow. While these “rules” may vary from mom to mom and family to family, you can’t help but compare and contrast. With my son, I was VERY slacking with his professional photos. And although I know my “momness” is not measured in professional photos, its going to be hard to explain to him why all of his baby and toddler pictures are from a cell phone or mom & dad’s personal camera. We did our “own” newborn shoot at our house with our close friend, although the pictures came out decent enough for me to put together my own birth announcements. The only other pictures we did were with my cousin (who has a side photography business) when he was 8 months. As I’m told that your time is even more limited with baby #2, my goal is to MAKE SURE I don’t let those precious months and moments slip away without professional portraits!


As I look through my social media feeds with more and more friends having babies, I’m bombarded with newborn photo session pictures. Although there are many GOOD photographers out there, I’ve decided I need to find someone who will do the photos that make me say WOW! I want props and creativity, and someone that has a slew of ideas while accenting our family’s style and taste. I also plan to incorporate my 3 year old into the session and get him caught up from where I’ve been lacking. I know there is no way to measure how “good” of a mom you are by the number (and frequency) of the professional portraits you have of your kids, but the least I can do is make an ATTEMPT at getting the pictures done! I’m excited for what comes from our session this winter.

How often do you have professional photos taken of your children?


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