Prepare Your Holiday With Duracell Batteries

The countdown to Christmas is almost as exciting as Christmas morning for your children. They have anxiously been awaiting for the green light to run to the tree and rip open every present with their name on it. As a parent, your Christmas countdown is a little more than finding an Elf every day, marking the days on a calendar, and watching your favorite Christmas shows. You have likely been searching sales, running to stores, wrapping, ordering things online, decorating, and drowning in cups of coffee. Your Christmas Eve checklist is comparable to St. Nick’s .. tape, wrapping paper, scissors, name tags, cookies, milk, carrots.. and while those are all necessary items, the most important item that should be on top of this list is, of course the BATTERIES.


I will never forget the ultimate disappointment of opening presents as a kid and having an awesome new gift that wouldn’t work because the batteries were not included. We were always excited to open gifts with a small wrapped package on top because we knew it was likely a box of batteries for the large wrapping of fun underneath.



Once I became a parent I vowed I would NEVER run out of batteries for my kids. I didn’t want to run franticly searching for the tv remotes to scrounge up 2 batteries here and 4 batteries there. So every year, I make sure to stuff the stockings with packages of AA and AAA Duracell batteries. This year we have SO many presents that require batteries! I’ll definitely be heading to Walmart to pick up my stash!



After going through a bunch of the gifts, I found that quite a few did NOT come with batteries! Those stocking stuffed with Duracell will definitely be needed this year!


Making sure our battery drawer is fully stocked with Duracell for non toy items is just as important. Our Christmas decorations all require AA or AAA batteries and are played non stop during the day (it would be a travesty if our Penguin didn’t waddled when you pressed his hand). You often hear about fires starting in homes between trees and all of the decor that is plugged in, which makes it imperative to have safety items like flashlights and smoke detectors.

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All of the favorite toys in our home currently require batteries and nearly all of our new Christmas toys require batteries as well. While most of our items require AA or AAA, there are a few that require C or D batteries- like our ball popper. Many of the remote control vehicles require 9V batteries so its always best to check the boxes to ensure you have the correct batteries.




While running around crazy may be part of your Christmas traditions, take charge of some of the chaos by ensuring no toy is left without a battery! Stock up with Duracell and watch the magic of Christmas toys come alive!


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This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Duracell, all opinions are my own.

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