The Not Quite Fall Guide that you’ve been waiting for

It's between seasons, and that gives us time to enjoy the cooler weather, falling leaves and the crisp autumn air, and while we wait at the drive-thru for our Pumpkin Spiced Latte we might still be wearing flip-flops, and tomorrow we might have on Uggs. With such unpredictable weather this time of ... READ the POST

How FedEx Office Helped Our Business Get Back on Track After Quarantine

I collaborated with FedEx Office® to provide this post. All opinions are my own. Owning a small business in 2020 has unleashed unchartered challenges, never experienced by even the most successful business owners in the past. After a monumental and mandatory shutdown, my fitness facility, ... READ the POST

5 Signs You’re Too Reliant On Your Smartphone

  The smartphone is an incredible invention. It essentially allows you to put the world in your sprocket. It can allow you to do anything from dimming the lights to selling stocks and shares, buy a pizza or even run a side hustle and boost your income with a few simple taps and swipes. ... READ the POST

Proposing To Your Partner The Right Way

Technically, there is no right way or wrong way to propose to your partner, but in reality, there are some rules that you’ve got to follow. If you don’t, your proposal could end up going catastrophically wrong, and this is something that you simply don’t want. It should be one of the most special ... READ the POST

Keep Your Technology Secure Whilst You Travel

ash   If you are a regular traveler, whether for work or pleasure and especially abroad, you should also consider your cyber security. Travelling is wonderful but business travelers in particular are vulnerable, as they often carry sensitive data, both personal and business, through a ... READ the POST