CIRQUE DU SOLEIL- Corteo Is A Must See For The Family

My country boy has wanted to see a Cirque Du Soleil show for years. It may have taken almost two decades, but I finally made it happen and let me tell you- Corteo was totally worth the wait and a must see for the entire family!

We surprised the kids with an early Christmas outing and brought them to the Cirque Du Soleil show. The boys were skeptical at first, not really sure what to expect, while our little performer was jumping for joy excited to see any type of performance. None of the kids were ready for what was about to unfold!

From the moment the performers took the stage, everyone was sucked in and I could see the annoyance quickly roll away from my tween’s face. As kids who participated in gymnastics, all three sat in awe (along with the adults) watching the incredible talent of acrobatics, juggling, and singing. Writing the words doesn’t do near the justice deserved after watching a performer balance and create an entire routine with a set of ladders. The acrobats kicked off the show performing in gorgeous chandeliers and truly making me question the strength of my core muscles. Each segment of the performance was better than the next and by the intermission, all three kids were grinning ear to ear patiently waiting in anticipation for the second act to start!

Corteo takes place in a carnival atmosphere and highlights the beauty of humanity and life. The stage was set in the middle of the arena, splitting the venue in two sections and giving a unique perspective of the performers. The culmination of Mauro the clown’s imagination as he reflects back upon his life as told through the performers, was a story filled with joy and imagination!

Without spoiling too much, here are some of our favorite highlights from the show:

  • Gradual introduction of acrobats on chandeliers that transpired into a majestic performance.
  • Valentina floating into the crowd and relying on the audience to get her around the arena and back to the stage which brought the show to a new level. 
  • Battle of the seesaw and watching the amazing flips, jumps, and talent of the acrobats as they told the story of competition and friendship.
  • Mauro learning how to use his wings.

This was definitely a fun family night to remember and a bucket list item fulfilled. Every Cirque Du Soleil show is different and we are so excited to see what they have in store next! Find a show coming to your area and grab your tickets to Corteo TODAY!!

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