Quick and Easy Dinner For Halloween

Halloween festivities typically kick off at night, right around the time most families sit down to eat dinner. When Halloween falls on a weekday, it can be chaos for moms and dads trying to get home from work, get everyone ready, and head trick or treating. While Halloween is on a weekend this year, it still means that the mad rush will commence at the start of the evening. Here are a few options for quick and easy dinners that will get the bellies filled of your little ones without taking too much time from the Trick or Treat festivities.

Quick and Easy Dinners For Halloween #FallFun31

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup– This is one of my boys’ favorites. Its quick and easy and you can get creative adding bacon or spinach to the grilled cheese to give it a little more pizzazz.

Breakfast for Dinner– We like to do breakfast for dinner once in awhile. Pancakes, waffles, or french toast taste just as good in the evening!

Cheese Quesadillas– All you need is a frying pan, flour tortilla, and cheese. Take a peek at your leftovers and add them in too .. like last night’s left over chicken or veggies that you have like onions, peppers, or broccoli.

Order Pizza– There’s a lot to be said for take out. Call in your pizza order and have it ready for pick up on your ride home, or if you have a local pizzeria that delivers, even better!

Chinese Food– Another take out option that is a pretty easy clean up.

Quick and Easy Dinners For Halloween #FallFun31

Whatever you decide, make sure you select a meal that won’t weigh you down and give you plenty of energy to enjoy a night of Trick or Treating!

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