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The Perfect Valentine’s Day For Every Relationship Status

The Perfect Valentine's Day For Every Relationship Status

Valentine’s Day is often a great excuse for couples to go out and spend some quality time alone together. If you’re single it’s a miserable day for you to be reminded once again that you’re single. This year, make your Valentine’s Day special regardless if you’re single, a new couple, or married, having celebrated years of past Valentine’s Days.  Instead of having the same fancy dinner or sitting home alone watching your favorite horror flick year after year, here’s your chance to switch things up a bit. To plan the perfect Valentine’s Day regardless of your relationship status, consider incorporating one of the following activities:

The Perfect Valentine's Day For Every Relationship Status

Paint Night– Do something different with your night, by putting down your phone and picking up a paintbrush. You’ll generally spend a couple hours creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Many paint nights feature local artists to guide you and your partner or crew- depending who you are celebrating with. Your level of painting experience doesn’t matter, and you can bring cocktails to help get the creative juices flowing. Most paint nights provide the supplies, so all you have to do is show up and have fun!

The Perfect Valentine's Day For Every Relationship Status

Paintball- What’s hotter than being named a Paintball Champion? This extreme game of tag will allow you to work individually or as a team, shooting your opponent with paintballs discharged from your paintball marker. Perfect for the natural competitor and no experience is required.

Cooking Class– Another great Valentine’s Day alternative to do solo, as a couple, or in a small group. All cooking equipment, supplies and ingredients are provided in these hands-on classes. Transform yourself into an Executive Chef for the night. After your hard work, relax, & enjoy your five star dish!

The Perfect Valentine's Day For Every Relationship Status

Murder Mystery Dinner– You’ll be treated to a three-course, two-hour dinner for one or two people. Figure out whodunit during this real-life game of Clue! You’ll feast on a gourmet meal while professional actors with props get your wheels turning during an exciting murder mystery plot.

Skiing/Snowboarding– Depending where you live, hitting the slopes is always a fun way to enjoy an evening whether its as a couple or with a group of people! Get your workout in on the trails, then cozy up in the lodge to a nice fire and your favorite drink!

The Perfect Valentine's Day For Every Relationship Status

This year, make the most of your Valentine’s Day, regardless of your relationship status. Whether you decide to venture out with your partner, a group of couples, a group of friends, or solo, this year is sure to be the best Valentine’s Day yet!



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