Sports and Your Elementary School Child – Focus on One Sport or Many Sports

Sports and your elementary school child….where do you begin.  Should your child focus on one sport? Should they be on an organized team sport, how many sports are too many?  As a parent you want to do the right thing by your child, but when is it too much?


My son plays several sports and isn’t ready to focus on any one sport.  He loves baseball, basketball and football.  He has friends who only play one sport.  They play it winter, spring, summer and fall. It’s all they want to do.  They are focused on that sport and their parents encourage it.  Afterall, maybe they will get a college scholarship.

Is it a good idea to focus on one sport?  It isn’t always the best idea because you are using the same muscles over and over.  We have a friend whose daughter is in a special brace because her ankle is weak from playing soccer all year round for 5 years.

What about the argument, they need to practice and play the same sport all the time to improve?  Did you know that Deion Sanders played professional baseball and professional football.  Parents today have their children focus on one sport.  When you get into High School, that may be a good idea but in elementary school, let your child play whatever sport(s) they want and enjoy themselves.  Do we really need to start thinking about that college scholarship when your child is still in elementary school??




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