How The Small Business Owner Can Spread During A Lockdown

During the lockdown, the most important thing to not stop funding is your marketing campaign. With an iron-cast resolve, your marketing strategies will hold back the tide of the coronavirus. You may think that you’ve lost most of your employees but you haven’t. Everyone and their pet dog knows that when the lockdown is lifted, consumers will be rushing to spend as normal and get back to their routines. But while you’re in the lockdown, you need to retain your focus on your image, how you project yourself and how you want to be seen by the public. Businesses that aren’t seen or heard during the lockdown, will be the last to be thought of when the doors are unlocked.

Who would have thought that the simple act of blogging, would keep your 2020 business alive? Something that was made popular in the early 2000s and possibly even the 90s, is now saving companies from going bankrupt. High-quality, engaging, interesting and factually correct blog content is critical for your business. One cannot stress highly enough, how important it is for you to continue writing or hiring SEO marketing agencies to write for you. You need to have a series of different link types in each post. Inbound, off-site, backlinks and ‘authoritative’ links from news broadcasters and industry websites, all must be present in your blog articles. And be quirky, be imaginative and think outside the box for your content. Don’t just stick to the usual things, people will read content just because they’re curious about the topic.


Be seen to be helping


During the pandemic, companies that aren’t helping will not be forgotten. ‘Where were you and how did you help?’ will be in the back of many customers’ minds. One way you can help is by selling basic PPE equipment. Mask Market is a custom face mask designer, which allows you to place your logo in the middle of this protective mask. When people walk around wearing your mask, your logo is being seen in stores, at people’s place of work, at schools, in hospitals and more. During this tough time you will be seen to be doing your bit, a little help goes a long way for some people. These masks will ship in 24 hours so you have fast-track delivery. They also use in-house designers so you don’t need to hire another company to make your logo or slogan to incorporate the current climate.

Address customer directly

By simply making a video talking into the lens, addressing consumer concerns, you could change your image in the world. Giant brands have already made such an advertisement whereby employees are speaking to the audience, telling them how they have changed the business for healthcare reasons. It’s vital that you show this to the world and mention the measures you have set in place to defend their health. Do employees wear gloves and face masks in the production plant? Do you offer longer hours of customer service? Do you have sanitizer bottles in-store?


Small business owners cannot afford to take a misstep and face the danger of being disliked by the public. Sell basic PPE like face masks but have your logos imprinted onto them to spread your name. 


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