Get Your Family Ready For The Stomach Bug

The dreaded stomach bug has been in full effect, sweeping families with no remorse. It’s surprise attack leaves many victims with little time to brace for impact. The best way to combat the severity of being hit, especially if you have little ones, is by taking proper precautions and preparations to get your family ready for the stomach bug should it decide to arrive.

Get Your Family Ready For The Stomach Bug

It was only a matter of time before our home was targeted by the stomach bug. Seeing that countless members of the student body in my son’s school were experiencing the virus, we cautiously and apprehensively awaited its arrival. I stocked up enough necessities that would carry us through a potential crippling affliction of the entire family. Here’s some tips to make your house ready for any surprises:

Make Chicken Soup. You can easily freeze the chicken soup so it’s all ready should you need it. Freezing in small containers will make heating up easy.
Stock up on drinks that will recharge your electrolytes and others that will settle your stomach. If it’s hard to keep anything down, Ginger Ale or Pedialyte will come in handy.
Snack lightly when you’re ready to eat. Nibbling on small bites of crackers or dry toast is a good option for anyone having trouble keeping food down. Stock your cabinets with cracker in case the stomach bug hits.
Wash with soap and warm water. The recent stomach bug is relentless. Make sure you are washing your hands with soap and warm water. Instead of hand washing dishes, use your dishwasher with a sanitizing option. If you don’t have a dishwasher, make sure you are hand washing in hot water. When washing sheets and blankets, wash in warm water as well!
Keep fever reducers on hand. The stomach bug started with a fever for us. In many cases of family and friends who were affected by the bug, it was typically accompanied by a fever. If  you are unsure of the correct dosing for your child, consult with your doctor’s office prior to distributing medication.

Get Your Family Ready For The Stomach Bug

Luckily, having these life savers on hand, our family was able to get through with minimal damage! Here’s hoping to a healthy rest of the winter!

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