First Day of Preschool

There comes a time where every mom has the joy of sending their little one for their first day of school. Many times this day can be harder on the mom (or dad) than the child. In our case, my son had never been away from the house, let alone with anyone that wasn’t a family member or close friend. We did extensive research to find the perfect preschool for my three year old. After various tours and countless questions about curriculum, security, and teachers.. we finally found OUR SCHOOL.

It helped that we knew a few people who had children that went to the school, and the teachers we met for his classroom seemed great. We talked about school for weeks before his first day to really prep him for what was to come. He even got to pick out a cool new backpack and lunchbox to bring to school. Throughout the entire process he seemed pretty excited, and we were just hoping that excitement would last through the actual drop off.

first day of school

The night before his first day we got everything ready for his lunch and picked out his awesome first day of school outfit. We talked about all of his cousins and friends that went to school too! I was cautiously waiting for the meltdown, but was in the clear so far.


The morning of school he ate a couple bites of breakfast and got dressed. He was more concerned about watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse than anything else. We finally got out the door and were on our way, talking about the different toys and things that would be awaiting him at school. When we walked in we found his cubby with his name (he could care less) and put his lunch away. The entire time he was just concerned about getting to the new toys. He didn’t care about his teacher or the other kids, he wanted to the toys. My husband and I stood there for a minute and said goodbye. No kiss or hug, he barely lifted his head to say bye.


We walked out proud of how well he did but of course the mom in me had a knot in my throat and pit in my stomach. I didn’t give my husband the satisfaction of seeing me get upset in the car so I held my composure until we got home & I could sneak a few tears. I ended up calling to check on him about an hour after we left. He was doing OKAY. He got a little upset once he realized we were gone but went to his circle time and was holding up. At that moment I realized two very important things. 1. Of course every child is different. Some will walk into school with no issues and never look back, while other will cling to mommy and daddy for dear life kicking and screaming the entire time. And 2. The first day isn’t the day to be nervous. There are new toys and all new things. Its day 2 and 3 and 4 that you have to convince them they WANT to go back.


In our case, we had a good couple weeks of tears at drop off (which seemed like forever) and after about a month we are EXCITED about going to school and cant wait to play with our new friends!


Who handled your little one’s first day of school the best?

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