First Birthday Party Fit For A Princess

Our Princess turning one was a monumental event. Not only was this our only little girl, but this was our last baby, and the last time I would plan a first birthday party. From the time I found out I was pregnant with a little girl, I knew her first birthday would be an extravaganza filled with pink, gold, crowns, and lots of glitter. I wasn’t just planning a first birthday party, I was planning a first birthday party fit for a Princess.

First Birthday Party Fit For A Princess

Planning a party for a Princess doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We kept each category simple but highlighted royalty in the details.


I narrowed down the theme of our party to colors- pink and gold. I knew I would want lots of glitter and everything accented with crowns. Since the theme wasn’t something that was prepackaged and could easily be purchased at a party store, I definitely had a lot of work laying ahead. The primary focus of the party would be Princess crowns. This was a little challenging because while it was a Royal party, it wasn’t a Princess party in the fashion of the Disney Princesses.

First Birthday Party Fit For A Princess


I wanted all of the decorations to be unique and of “royal” statue. Instead of purchasing decorative banners and items with crowns, I decided to make my own. I created a “Happy Birthday” banner that included my daughter’s name. The Princess chair where she would be served her meal and cake was accented with a beautiful skirt banner that spelled O-N-E. I also incorporated various pictures of the guest of honor over the past twelve months. Each photo was hung with shimmer gold painted clothespins. The dessert table was accented with a large pink and gold glittered “I” representing the initials of the Princess.

First Birthday Party Fit For A Princess


We are lucky enough to have family and friends who always pitch in with the food portion of the party. Staying in line with a feast fit for a Princess, I opted to have some of her favorite dishes.

Our spread included:

Homemade Mac & Cheese
Penne alla Vodka
BBQ Pulled Pork
Bone- In Chicken
Mini Turkey and Roast Beef Sliders


Desserts are an important part of any party, especially a Princess’ first birthday. Our custom cake was designed solely with the Princess in mind. We accented the royal cake with homemade Italian cookies, brownies, and special cupcakes. Pink Hershey kisses were sprinkles around the dessert table in lieu of confetti.

First Birthday Party Fit For A Princess


Photo Booths are the hottest trend in capturing the birthday party fun. I wanted to make sure our photo booth captured the true essence of our royal celebration and created our own Princess Frame, complete with a glittery pink crown.

Time Capsules are a great way to give a gift of memories to the birthday girl (or boy). The Princess’ time capsule requested guests to write a special message for her to open on her 18th birthday. While many of the guests found it hard to imagine 17 years from now, they happily wrote their words of wisdom and well wishes. After each message was inserted into the capsule, it was not removed. As tempting as it was to read her messages, I didn’t and hopefully she’ll share them with me in 17 years.

First Birthday Party Fit For A Princess

We had a wonderful time celebrating our Princess’ First Birthday and created endless memories filled with love, laughter, and lots of glitter!


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