Tips For Surviving Haunted Houses and Scare Events

If you read my post This is 30.. for me, you know that I don’t like scary stuff. I’ve just never been one to like random strangers jumping out and trying to scare me. I dread Halloween every year and any commercial that is a preview for a horror movie. Having a birthday in October has always been challenging because people  ASSumed I loved Halloween and the whole “scare” scene.

Tips For Surviving Haunted Houses and Scare Events

When my husband and I were dating, he decided to take me to a freight fest for my birthday. This was clearly before he realized my great disgust and disdain for anything scary, gory, or Halloween-y. I made it through Freight Fest and I will admit, riding all of the roller coasters at night was awesome, however getting through the scary part took some effort. If you are like me and don’t love the scary stuff or have a kid that’s experimenting with the events for the first time, here are some tips to get you through the night of scares!

Tips For Surviving Haunted Houses and Scare Events

1. Check to see the level of scare for the event. There are some Halloween Scare events that are made for the beginner and offer aspects than aren’t 100% scare, gore, and chainsaws. Other events are created for the ultimate horror fan and include things that will keep your nightmares coming well past Christmas.

2. Note the scare zones and non scare zones. When I went to Freight Fest there were signs clearly labeled for a Scare Zone. Some of them I was able to avoid completely.

3. Stay in groups. If you have a buddy and are walking through a haunted house, jump in with the group in front of you, you’ll be less likely targeted in a group of 8 versus a pair.

Tips For Surviving Haunted Houses and Scare Events

4. Don’t have your head down and run from the actors. Remember the people volunteering and working at these scare events have one job, TO SCARE YOU! If you make eye contact and stay aware of what’s happening around you, they’ll be less likely to come after you with an axe and opt for the girl screaming and running for the next room.

5. Have something planned for after the Scare Event. Take the edge off of the scare and give your mind a little break by doing something after the event. It doesn’t have to be another big event, but it could be going for a bite to eat or getting some coffee (or drinks). Anything that will put your mind away from horror.


While you’re there, make the most of it! Try to relax, have fun, and enjoy the scare!

Tips For Surviving Haunted Houses and Scare Events

What’s your favorite part about Haunted Houses/ Scare Events?

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  1. Great tips but I will skip it all together. I hate to be scared, I like happy frolicking through the tulips.

  2. I totally agree that the key thing is to stay in groups! It’s definitely true that it’s a lot less likely that you’ll be singled out when you’re in a crowd. That’s the only way I’ve survived haunted houses in the past, and I’ve found that they become a lot more enjoyable with a group as well!

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