Kmart Semi Annual Home Sale

This is a sponsored post. I am a Kmart blogger, though all opinions are my own.

Now that winter is leaving and spring is upon us, its only fitting our spring cleaning should go beyond the dust bunnies. Being stuck in the house all winter with kids is a completely different ballgame. Your toss pillows have been tossed more times than a professional baseball, your living room curtains seem like they’ve seen better days, oh and all of the extra toys from Christmas makes it look like Toys R Us threw up in the corner. While you’d love to give the entire house a makeover… lets be realistic.. with all the money you spent heating your castle this winter, you need nice things on a budget. Its time to join the Kmart Semi Annual Home Sale campaignstorage units

At the Kmart Semi Annual Home Sale, you’ll find major savings on décor and furniture for your palace. Whether its your bed, bath, kitchen, or living room.. you are sure to bring the spunk of spring into your home! We hit it big with the Essential Home 9 bin storage unit for our living room. I wanted something that could neatly store (hide) all of my son’s toys, plus it needed to fit with the rest of our living room decor. I didn’t want something that was plastic and looked as if it belonged in a child’s room. spin_prod_803812312The essential non woven bins make everything super easy to put away, so my three year old can clean up his toys in a jiffy. The bins for the storage unit comes in 5 different colors, which is a great way to accent your living room! If your kids are anything like mine, you can watch and relate to the Kmart helping you Win Back Your Fort!

I was able to make a wish list of items we definitely needed around our house. I needed more than fresh throw pillows and curtains. I also wanted to rearrange some of our wall hangings and needed new frames, but not just ANY frames… I wanted a nice collage frame. Now that summer is right around the corner, we needed some new party supplies like trays, drink dispensers, and picnic essentials. spin_prod_762583012Not only was I able to check EVERY item off my list, but I was even able to add a few extras in and stay under my budget! The best part was, I’m earning points towards next season’s purchases!!


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