Bridesmaid Dresses to Compliment the Bride

Most people think of bridesmaid dresses as those ugly, over the top dresses with puffy sleeves and something you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing .. except of course for that dear friend who has asked you to share her special day. While I’m sure those bridezillas who look for the ugliest and most unflattering dress still exist, I’d like to think (and hope) that many brides look for a bridesmaid dress to compliment THEIR wedding gown.

As a bride, I looked for a dress that flattered the different body styles of all my bridesmaids. I didn’t want something that they would look back through pictures and say “what was she thinking”. Fortunately, my friends have been of the same mindset and bridesmaid dresses have come a long way from the typical 90s off the shoulder “horror” dress. Bridesmaid dresses now come in cute cocktail styles, are strapless, and CAN actually be a dress that you wear again. Today’s style comes in long or short dresses and if you have a pregnant bridesmaid? No problem. There’s maternity lines that also COMPLIMENT the baby bump, rather than look like a big moomoo.


Some of the many options for bridesmaid dresses include choosing a color and allowing each girl to select their own style. Other brides may select a style that is complimentary to their gown. For instance, sticking with strapless for everyone in the bridal party. A lot of bridal parties may have bridesmaids that are not local, which always leads to some of the party seeing the dress in person while others are left with a text message picture.


With the ability to search online, ordering bridesmaid dresses has become easier than ever!  Whichever direction you decide for your bridesmaid dresses. Places like have an area on the site dedicated specifically to Bridesmaid Dresses! Not only do they have a huge selection, but prices are extremely reasonable. Just think, the money you save on the dress can go towards your hair, nails, or shoes!


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