7 Water Safety Tips for Kids

Summer is here, and if your crew is anything like mine, you’ll take every advantage to get in the water! Whether you’re enjoying a pool or the ocean, water safety is important. The start of summer is a great time to ensure your children have essential water safety skills. Here are some Water Safety Tips to guarantee your summer water play is safe and enjoyable.
  • Supervise your kids whenever near the water. Whether its going in the pool or their nightly bath, always make sure you are watching.
  • Try to go where there is a lifeguard. Teach your kids (if they are old enough) to go to areas that are supervised by lifeguards. If they are in an area without supervision, always ensure they have a swim buddy and never try to swim alone.
  • Wear a Life Jacket or Swim device. A life jacket* should be used at all time when in a boat, even for experienced swimmers. Inexperienced swimmers should have a life jacket or personal floatation device* whenever near water that would be over their head.

           *When selecting a personal floatation device, ensure it is a Coast guard approved by visiting the United States Coast Guard website. 

  • Never run around a pool. Not only can you slip and get hurt, but there is an increase chance of falling in the water.
  • If a friend in struggling in deep water, use a long object to pull them to safety versus jumping in to save them.
  • Teach your children how to swim. There are many local resources through town recreation departments that offer inexpensive swimming lessons for people of all ages. Learning how to swim can happen as young as 6 months! Check out the Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) instructors in your area.
  • Most importantly, ensure your children aren’t afraid of water, rather understand the dangers of being unsafe.

Summer is the time to enjoy a nice dip in the water. Happy Swimming!

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