Enfagrow® Toddler Next Step™ Helps Nourish Toddler’s Brain Development

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Brain development and growth is so important for our kids. Our little girl is two years old and we know the first three years of brain development is critical. We incorporate Enfagrow® Toddler Next Step™  into her daily routine to help nourish her brain development!

Enfagrow Toddler

Whether its hitting baseballs or creating artistic masterpieces, our little princess is always trying to keep up with her big brothers. She loves drawing, writing in her workbooks, and learning new information and concepts. As she continues to grow and her needs change, we know that DHA is an important factor for her developing brain. However, there is often a dramatic drop in DHA consumption when transitioning from breastmilk or infant formula. Whole cow’s milk contains ZERO DHA, meaning toddlers are receiving nearly 80% LESS of their recommended DHA! We chose to help bridge the nutritional gap for our toddler with Enfagrow Toddler.

Enfagrow Toddler

From the time our oldest son was a baby, we recognized the importance of DHA, especially during the first three years of life. Since 85% of brain growth happens during this time, it’s important to have nutrients that help nourish brain growth, like DHA. But DHA does more than just help support healthy brain growth. It also helps support the immune system and eye development!

Enfagrow Toddler

How can my toddler get DHA?

In order to support early brain and eye development, experts recommend toddlers receive 70-100 mg of DHA each day. However, on average a toddlers’ typical diet only provides 25% of the recommended amount of DHA. Fish is a primary source for DHA, but realistically most toddlers aren’t eating fish. My kids have all always been fish eaters, but even with their love for fish, I know it isn’t frequent enough. If you think about favorite foods that toddlers consume on a daily basis, you’d be surprised the limited amount of DHA in them! In fact, foods like apples, broccoli, cheese and even bananas all contain ZERO mg of DHA! With just two, 7 fl oz servings of Enfagrow Toddler per day, your toddler receives 52 mg of DHA!

Enfagrow Toddler

How can you ensure your toddler is receiving DHA?

Enfagrow Toddler has DHA to help ensure your toddler gets the important omega-3! A great alternative to sugary drinks, Enfagrow Toddler is milk-based and provides great nutrition for growing bodies and minds. From the maker of Enfamil® (the #1 Brand of Infant Formula recommended by Pediatricians), it’s no surprise Enfagrow Toddler provides nutrients that toddlers may be lacking, in addition to prebiotics to help support the immune system. Conveniently available in 32 oz liquid bottles and 32 oz powder tubs, Enfagrow Toddler makes it easier than ever to help give your growing toddler important nutrients!

Enfagrow Toddler

Are you ready to help bridge the nutritional gap for your toddler? Visit Enfagrow.com to learn more, plus grab your FREE sample of Enfagrow Toddler here. There are so many things we worry about as parents, our toddler’s nutrition doesn’t have to be one of them thanks to Enfagrow Toddler!


This is sponsored by Enfagrow® Toddler Next Step™.

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