Proposing To Your Partner The Right Way

Technically, there is no right way or wrong way to propose to your partner, but in reality, there are some rules that you’ve got to follow. If you don’t, your proposal could end up going catastrophically wrong, and this is something that you simply don’t want. It should be one of the most special days of you and your partner’s life, so you’ve got to do whatever you can to make it so. That’s what we’re going to be looking at in this article, so if you’re stuck for ideas right now, keep reading down below.


Make It About Them


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It should be about them. Everything that you do from the second the proposal starts should be about the person that you want to marry. We mean everything. This should start the second that you pick them up or you are getting ready for whatever you have planned, and end when the night is over. When you’re planning the proposal, you’ve really got to think about this. Don’t take them to your favorite places unless there is some kind of relevance to your relationship. You want them to be so happy before you even ask the question because you’ve spent all this time showing them exactly how well you know them. 


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A Ring To Die For


Something else that you’re going to have to remember is that you need a ring to die for. Now, we don’t mean that the diamond or whatever stone you pick has to be big. We don’t mean that the ring has to be flashy and expensive. What we mean is that it has to be something they are going to love. Think about them when you are picking the ring out, and if you need help deciding what the best diamond is, a guide like will be able to help. But, it doesn’t have to be a diamond, it can be whatever you think they will adore the most.


Keep in mind that they are going to be wearing this ring for the rest of their life, so it’s essential that they love it. Take your time choosing the ring and show off how well you know what they love.


Don’t Be Afraid To Be Emotional

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Nobody wants a deadpanned proposal. If it feels forced, or if it feels as though you’ve simply rehearsed a speech that you are now reciting, it’s going to take some of the magic away from the moment. Don’t be afraid to get emotional, show them how much you love them and be completely open with them. Lay your heart on the table and offer it to them because this means more than anything you could ever plan.


We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see how you can go about proposing to your partner the right way. Make it a day that nobody will ever forget, and we wish you a happily ever after.


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