Create the Ultimate Summer Treat with Hood Calorie Countdown

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Almost seven months into the year and our family is still on track with our 2018 goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While it can be challenging to stay on the right track, its important that our family is also able to indulge in some tasty goodness. We’ve decided to incorporate products like Hood Calorie Countdown and fruit to create the ultimate summer treat!

Our kids are fairly good eaters, but like any other kids, they love to indulge their sweet tooth. Lately they’ve been on a chocolate milk kick, but I’ve never been a fan of them loading up on sugars, especially right before bedtime. Hood Calorie Countdown Reduced Fat Chocolate is the perfect alternative with 75% less sugar than traditional chocolate milk.

With summer in full swing, its the perfect opportunity to incorporate fruits, veggies, and healthy snacks into our daily regimen. My kids especially love indulging in watermelon and strawberries. Our new summer vacation tradition has been enjoying a healthy “dessert” after dinner. With Hood Calorie Countdown Reduced Fat Chocolate complimenting freshly picked strawberries, its the perfect combination of nutrition and sweet. We’ve been counting on Hood Calorie Countdown to keep us on track with a healthy lifestyle.

If you’d like to test out our new summer dessert favorite, head to your local Walmart and pick up your own Hood Calorie Countdown. Plus, with four different varieties of Hood Calorie Countdown, you can enjoy some of your favorite foods with fewer calories, carbs, and sugars while keeping the same delicious and creamy taste! HERE’S A COUPON TO USE !!!

Calorie Countdown Whole (per 1 cup serving) only 100 calories!
Calorie Countdown 2% Reduced Fat (per 1 cup serving) only 70 calories!
Calorie Countdown 2% Reduced Fat Chocolate (per 1 cup serving) only 80 calories!
Calorie Countdown Fat Free (per 1 cup serving) only 35 calories!

To see more recipes and learn about the latest Hood Calorie Countdown products, check out Hood and follow them.

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Whether you need to compliment your morning oatmeal, or want a sweet chocolate drink at night, Hood Calorie Countdown has you covered!

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