Pumpkin Picking Traditions With Friends

Pumpkin Picking Tradition With Friends #FallFun31

Traditions run deep in my roots.. just ask my husband. One tradition that was initiated once we had kids was pumpkin picking. We get together with a group of friends to embrace the crisp fall air, warm apple cider, and of course, pumpkins. The core gang consisting of 8 adults and 8 (plus 1 on the way) children meets at the Pumpkin patch and embarks on the search for the perfect pumpkin every year. While doing any kind of organized activity with a group a kids (half of which are under 3) is a recipe for chaos, you can always tackle the boogies, meltdowns, and running with a simple checklist. Before you head out on your pumpkin picking excursion be sure the following items on on hand.


Camera– We use our Nikon T3i Rebel to capture those picture perfect moments. From big smiles to tears and boogies, our memories are cherished and every once in a while we get a frame worthy photo with all the kids in one shot!

Warm attire– There’s usually a chill in the air as we head out to grab our pumpkins. Be sure to have a comfortable jacket and pants that can get dirty. We use durable pants like Carhartt for our boys, since carrying pumpkins is hard work!

Pumpkin Picking Tradition With Friends #FallFun31

Boots/Warm Shoes– Cold feet is never any fun, so be sure to have a good pair of boots that are durable enough to trek through mud, dirt, and other elements of a pumpkin patch. I find workboots are the best shoes for the kids to wear.

Backpack– Load up your backpack with little snacks like crackers, applesauce, and carrot sticks. Don’t forget a couple bottles of water or juice. I keep extra clothes on hand in case jumping in the mud and dirt becomes too irresistible. Make sure you have wipes for the dirty hands and Boogie wipes for any runny noses.

Pumpkin Carving– As soon as you get home, your little ones will be jumping at the bit to start carving their pumpkins. Make sure you have your pumpkin carving kit ready to go with a variety of design choices. You can find some great (and fairly easy) designs online.

Pumpkin Picking Tradition With Friends #FallFun31
The fun filled day of pumpkin picking will not only add festive Halloween decor to your home, it will quickly become one of your children’s favorite holiday memories. One of my favorites is looking back at all of the “kodak moments” and seeing who is running, crying, picking their nose, and posing perfect for the camera.

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    1. We go every year! They love it so much, its always a countdown to our Pumpkin Picking day.

  1. James and I went pumpkin picking yesterday. Well, he sat in the car playing on his phone while I stopped at the pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin to use to make soup…but when we get our pumpkin he will help.

  2. It’s great to have a tradition of going pumpkin picking with friends. The kids will always do it even when they get older – great tips

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