Tiny Treasures: Top Toys to Spark Joy and Imagination

If you’re on the hunt for toys that will not only keep your little ones entertained but also spark their imagination, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into some of the absolute best picks that are sure to become favorites in no time. Think about the kind of toys that can transform a simple playtime into a world of adventure. Whether your child is creating their own fantasy realms or pretending to be their favorite characters, the right toys can ignite their creativity and keep them engaged for hours.

For those moments when you need a bit of quiet time, having a go-to collection of engaging activities is a lifesaver. There’s nothing like settling down together and diving into a world of stories and adventures, or perhaps exploring new sounds and rhythms through playful experimentation. And let’s not forget the magic of dress-up and role-play! These tiny treasures are perfect for encouraging your child to dream big and act out their wildest imaginations, keeping them entertained and their creativity soaring. Happy playing!

Hape Owl Baby Playmat | Ages 0M+ 

Experience portable playtime with the Take Along Soft-Pad Baby Owl Gym by Hape. Delight in watching your baby engage with the tweeting bird teether, cute owl rattle to match the mat, and flower ring. Its convenient folding arch and velcro makes setting up and putting away a breeze. Perfect for any of your summer endeavors!

Sky Viper Fury Stunt Drone

This 7” full performance drone features Skyrocket’s Surface Scan Technology making it easier to fly than ever before! Surface Scan Technology dramatically increases drone stability, allowing the drone to stay in one spot, even when you let go of the controls! This innovative new technology works up to 100 feet and radically improves flight experience by providing superior control. Also features auto launch and land, one-touch stunts, and extended flight time. Manufacturer: Skyrocket, Ages 12+, SRP $44.99; 

LankyBox Golden Mystery Boxy

LankyBox is the most highly viewed YouTube gaming duo in the world starring Justin and Adam and their cast of animated characters including Boxy, Foxy, and Rocky. They create high-energy, laugh-out-loud videos including challenges, gaming and entertaining shorts. For LankyBox fans who can’t get enough of the wildly popular YouTube channel, the all-new officially licensed Golden Mystery Boxy is here and only available at WALMART! The set is filled with new awesome collectibles, making it the ultimate surprise unboxing experience. It contains micro figures, a pop-it, a lanyard with charm, and stickers, all in a special gold color exclusive to this set! It also includes a Golden Ticket where fans can win exclusive prize packages! Check out the LankyBox YouTube channel and find the toys having fun in the videos. Manufacturer: Bonkers Toys, Ages 3+, SRP $19.99, exclusively in Walmart (available in May).

Moriah Elizabeth 6″ Mystery Plush Series 1

Moriah Elizabeth, the popular craft YouTuber and social media sensation, is known for her interactive art and craft videos, and adorable collection of characters. For the first time kids can collect and unbox these cute characters in a mystery blind box! There are 8 different characters to collect, including Georgie, Cathy, Bumblebear, Lemon, Derp, Pickle, Rosie, and Cuepy. Each plushie comes in a blind box for surprise unboxing fun along with a collector poster. These adorable plushies are soft and huggable and are made from super soft materials with squishy bodies.  Check out the official Moriah Elizabeth YouTube channel to discover her interactive videos and adorable characters and watch the Mystery Plush here! Manufacturer: Bonkers Toys, Ages 3+, SRP $9.99 

Star Wars Doorables Galaxy Peek

Behind every door, a surprise is in store with the STAR WARS™ Doorables Galaxy Peek. Discover an out-of-this-world collection of 25 figures inspired by STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE™, STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK™, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS™, STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI™, STAR WARS: AHSOKA™, and STAR WARS: THE MANDALORIAN™. Chase after rare and ultra-rare characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, C-3PO, Jabba the Hutt, Grogu, and the Mandalorian (Din Djarin). The unique Death Star-inspired capsule doubles as a display. Each mini figure stands approximately 1.5 inches tall and is intricately styled with Doorables’ signature glittery eyes. Ideal for collecting and trading, fans of STAR WARS will love to display and share these toys inspired by a galaxy far, far away. Manufacturer: Just Play, Ages 5+, SRP $9.99

Littlest Pet Shop Beach Besties Collector Set

Beach Besties invites you on a splashy adventure with pets #61 to #65. Collect both Collector Set themes and let your imagination run wild as you create your unique crew. Manufacturer: Basic Fun! MSRP $19.99


Check out these sustainable toys from Hape and PLAYMOBIL! These toys are either made from recycled and bio-based plastics and FSC-certified wood to toys made locally in the U.S. and those that encourage greener lifestyles. These toys can encourage kids to explore their own natural habitats and adopt more eco-friendly habits, while at the same time have fun! See below!

Hape Toys

The Forest Fire Rescue set can help educate children on environmental preservation and animal care, while also providing fire safety awareness! With vibrant colors and durable wooden construction, this set encourages children to engage in role-playing scenarios, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and a sense of teamwork.
The Ranger Rescue set is an eco-rescue mission to protect nature, prevent wildfires, and explore the wilderness with a solar-powered off-road car. Not only fun to play with, but can also be used to teach children about fire safety.
The Eco-camping playset comes with a tent and sleeping bags, cooking gear and supplies to tidy-up the forest. A valuable tool for educating children on camping safety and keeping the environment clean!


In this, iconic brand’s 50th anniversary year, PLAYMOBIL is paying particular attention to sustainability, working towards being responsible for our planet’s future.These sets are from themes introduced that are made from no less than 80% recycled consumer products

The WIltopia Cross Country Vehicle , encourages creative storytelling and role-playing as children navigate the terrain and interact with the animal figures. This playset features a rugged cross-country vehicle equipped for exploring the wilderness while promoting sustainability!
The Country Farm Shop  playset features a quaint farm shop complete with a variety of farm-fresh produce and products, including fruits, vegetables, eggs, and more for bikers who ride by! With detailed accessories like crates, baskets, and a scale, children can immerse themselves in the role of a farmer or shopkeeper, engaging in imaginative scenarios of harvesting, selling, and purchasing goods.
The PLAYMOBIL Horses of Waterfall: Farrier Ben, comes from PLAYMOBIL’s third sustainable line! Children can engage in imaginative role-playing scenarios, learning about the importance of proper horse care and maintenance. With its realistic details and sturdy construction, the Playmobil Farrier Ben set offers creative play for young horse enthusiasts.

World of Miraculous by PLAYMOBIL

PLAYMOBIL dives into the enchanting world of Miraculous with the launch of new playsets and characters based on the mega hit series.

With an absolutely massive fan base of kids, teens, tween and even young adults, Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir has become a digital planetary craze with over 37 billion views on YouTube and its own phenom on TikTok. The series follows the adventures of two seemingly typical teens with secret identities who magically transform into superheroes to save their city of Paris from unexpected villains!

These new sets and character figures based on the mega hit TV series puts PLAYMOBIL squarely into the Miraculous phenomenon. And are arriving just in advance of the launch of a new season and specials available on Disney+ rolling out through 2024.

PLAYMOBIL Miraculous: Fashion Show in Paris: 

Dive into the exciting world of Ladybug and Cat Noir with Miraculous: Fashion Show in Paris! Here you will find the main character and aspiring fashion designer Marinette Dupain-Cheng, as well as Adrien Agreste, her classmate and model at the fashion show. The runway includes a detachable catwalk and two dressing rooms. Here, the characters can prepare for their performances and store their makeup tools and accessories on the shelves of the dressing room wall. Marinette can choose between an elegant dress with a matching mask, a trendy skirt, backpack, along with many necklaces and bracelets. Adrien comes with a silicone coat, a helmet, a cane, and a stylish hat.

With this set, children can immerse themselves in exciting role-playing activities and unleash their creativity and imagination. An absolute must-have for all Miraculous fans to recreate their favorite scenes and experience new adventures. With PLAYMOBIL Miraculous – anything is possible! 

PLAYMOBIL Miraculous: Marinette & Ladybug:

Welcome to the thrilling world of Miraculous with Miraculous: Marinette and Ladybug! Immerse yourself in the scenes and characters from the popular series “Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir”. This playset features the main character, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, as Marinette herself and transformed into the superhero, Ladybug. Includes a children’s bracelet with a logo charm, where you can fix the shields of other heroes and villains using the five available slots. With a total of seven different shields, you can collect and display the symbols of your favorite characters. The Kwami is securely attached to the transparent top of the stand, creating the illusion of flight. Get ready to unleash your inner superhero with the Miraculous: Marinette and Ladybug playset from PLAYMOBIL. Fly into action, defeat the villains, and save the day, just like Ladybug. 

PLAYMOBIL Miraculous: Adrien & Cat Noir:

Embark on an exciting adventure into the world of Miraculous with Miraculous: Adrien & Cat Noir! Experience unforgettable

moments with Adrien in two thrilling versions – once as Adrien himself and then transformed into the fearless superhero, Cat Noir. Includes a child-sized bracelet with one of seven different charms to collect all your favorite characters. The Kwami is securely attached to the transparent top of the stand,

creating the illusion of flight. An absolute must-have for all Miraculous fans to recreate their favorite scenes and experience new adventures.

Bumpas Mushies | MSRP $14.99 | Ages 3+ 

Stretch, Pop, and Hug with Bumpas™ Mushies: a soft, comfortable, and squishy plush doll with extendable and retractable long arms and legs! This plush toy is the perfect size to take on trips as your kids little companion and also a great MESH toy that eases travel anxiety and antsy kids.

Vango Bizyboo Hide ’N’ Seek Busy Bags Series 2 | MSRP $9.99 | Ages 2+  

The best-selling  Bizyboo Bags –  an original take on popular toddler busy bags are reimagined as soft, portable, mess-free characters!  They’re perfect for summer fun. . . portable, packable, sized just right to toss into a beach bag or tote. New summer fun styles include an ice creme cone, pirate ship, an avocado, a milkshake, and more!  Each has 30 different themed objects waiting to be found. Using written and visual prompts on the attached card, toddlers can have a blast prodding and shifting the beads around.

Squaregles Character Packs (Oggs & Erggs) | MSRP $24.99 | Ages 3+ |

You will receive 1 of the 17-piece character packs that is the perfect size to take on your next trip! Includes 4 fun characters (the heads turn into marbles), a car, and other fun accessories to dress up the characters your way! 

HoloToys Paw Patrol Stickers & Tattoos | Ages 3+ 

These Paw Patrol tattoos and stickers will come to life in breathtaking animation when scanned with our free HoloToyz app. Simply stick, scan and watch them come to life! It looks like the pups are on your skin! Turn up the volume to hear the pups jump around and bark to the sound of the theme tune! Tap to place them in the room with you and take photos and videos beside your favorite pup character.


Lastly, we couldn’t forget our fur babies!

Chuckit! Kick Fetch Max Glow Ball, JW Wool-ee, Ultra Fetch Stick, & so much more! 

Chuckit! is the ultimate line of fetch toys for dogs and their parents! For this campaign, we will be sending over an assortment of different items from their most popular lines, along with a first-look at the brand new hand-made all natural toys from JW. A little mix of everything + a fun surprise, if you will!

This is our favorite!

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