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Our eyes are one of the ways we unlock the world around us. The sense of sight enables the brain to process objects, shapes, colors, distance, movement, and even depth. Unfortunately everyone’s sight is not created equally. While some people can see perfectly, others struggle to see even the simplest things without intervention and equipment. But for many, those resources and gifts of sight aren’t available. That’s why, for World Sight Day, I’m joining OneSight‘s mission to UNBLUR Life for the 1.1 billion people who need glasses, but lack access!


OneSight is an independent nonprofit leading the global movement to help the world see. They arranges access to quality vision care and glasses to underserved communities worldwide. OneSight works with volunteers and partners to provide immediate and long-term vision solutions, by establishing permanent clinics to serve each community’s distinct needs.


How about a little History?

Since 1988:

  • OneSight charitable vision clinics have helped 9 million people in 41 countries see clearly.
  • OneSight sustainable vision centers now provide permanent access to affordable vision care to over 3 million people.


Imagine living life through blurry eyes. Picture getting out of bed and not being able to see clear enough to get ready, see your kids’ faces at the breakfast table, or grabbing your belongings off of the counter. Now pretend you have to drive (or walk) to work without accurately being able to have the depth perception needed to safely arrive at your destination. Living with blurry vision affects every aspect of you life from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep. OneSight is helping the world live better, by helping the world see!


Here’s how YOU can help!

  • $10 helps provide a pair of glasses to a person in need and $30 helps provide a free eye exam and glasses to a person in need. Donate here.
  • Share the video below on social media and tag 2 friends to show how clear sight empowers us all to see a better future.

To Learn More About OneSight, follow:

Hashtag: #UNBLUR
Twitter: @OneSightOrg
Facebook: /OneSight
Instagram: @OneSight
Website & Video Link: www.onesight.org/unblur
Donation Link: www.onesight.org/donate


Celebrate World Sight Day with us! Join the #UNBLUR Twitter Party on Thursday 10/13 2 PM EST! RSVP


Help people to SEE a better future for themselves and the world!

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