Baby Versus Dog Bowl

Dog bowls- especially the water bowl- are like magnets for babies. Something about the ability to splash while your mommy or daddy is yelling “NO!” and running at you is just irresistible. While we didn’t have to combat the urge to go after the dog bowl with Big T, Little T has decided this is not only his favorite game, but his primary mission in life. His little smirk and giggle IS heart melting, especially as he looks directly at us, however cleaning up the soaked sleeper & wet hands is less than appealing. Not to mention I can’t even begin to think about the disgusting germs that can potentially be floating in that water bowl. Yes, we do get a REAL bath after we bathe in the water bowl.

Dog food collage

9 months is a lot of fun, but its only 9 a chair barricade should be more than sufficient to stop the little guy from getting to the bowl, right? WRONG .. he figured out how to slide the chair. Our new dining room decor not only includes a chair in front of the dog bowls, but the mat must be folded up to create friction that alleviates easy sliding. No one said being a mom required this much improvising…

dog bowl single pic



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  1. Very true. They always go after the things they shouldn’t have.

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