From Crawlers to Toddlers: Top Picks for Little Ones

Hey there, fellow moms! If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for fun and practical ways to keep your little one entertained and happy. Let’s dive into some of my absolute favorite picks for those busy little crawlers and adventurous toddlers. The play roller coaster—trust me, it’s a game-changer! Watching their faces light up as they zoom down the track is pure magic. And for those days when you need to get out and about, the jogging stroller is a lifesaver. It’s perfect for keeping up with your fitness goals while ensuring your kiddo enjoys the ride. Don’t forget to pack some tropical fruit for a healthy snack break; it’s a hit every time!

Now, for those moments when you need a bit of downtime, the baby swing is your best friend. It’s a cozy spot where your little one can relax, giving you a much-needed break. Spread out a vibrant playmat for some tummy time fun, and you’re all set. When it’s time to head out, a carrier keeps your hands free and your baby close, making errands a breeze. And let’s not forget the joy of dressing them up in adorable vintage clothing—there’s something so charming about those little outfits. Keep a toddler cup handy for all those sippy moments, and stock up on bath time essentials to make every splashy session a delight. With these top picks, you’ll be ready to tackle anything from crawling to toddling with style and ease!

Step 2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table™

Create a mini water park right in your backyard with the Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table™ by Step2. The two-tier toddler water table design creates a showering splash below! Just scoop up water from the pond and pour into the top tray to make it rain. Watch as the rainfall activates the maze-like spinners and ramps a great way to show a cause and effect relationship. From the side flipper to the put-and-place maze pieces kids will have lots of splish-splash fun with the included water table accessories!

Step 2 Classic Coaster Extreme™

Transform your yard into a world of huge wonder and excitement with the Step2® Toy Roller Coaster. This exciting kid’s roller coaster toy is designed for big fun for kids. Little ones can enjoy hours of active play climbing the stairs to reset the ride and racing back down again! Each ride helps foster balance and the development of gross motor skills while giving kids plenty of exercise. The coaster car holds one child at a time encouraging kids to practice sharing and taking turns. Durable enough to handle any weather this toy roller coaster will be an instant backyard hit day after day. Made in the USA of US and imported parts.

MamaRoo Swing by 4moms

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We received our first MamaRoo 14 years ago for my grandson and it amazed us. We have since bought one for every grandchild and have been sharing with every mom-to-be,  this is a must-have. Now 14 years later, another grandchild, another MamaRoo! New options and still a must-have for new parents!

Down To Earth Collection

Introducing the 4moms MamaRoo® Baby Swing Down To Earth™ Collection – a captivating ensemble of neutral colors inspired by the organic hues found in nature.  This thoughtfully curated collection embraces the beauty of simplicity, offering a blend of muted tones to complement any space.  This Spring choose from three new MamaRoo colors – Sandstone, Slate Blue, or Rosewood.  It’s the same MamaRoo you know and love, now with a stylish color palette inspired by Mother Nature.  

The MamaRoo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing® is the only baby swing that moves like you do. Inspired by you, our motions mimic parents’ natural rhythms and movements to become the most familiar space to safely put your baby down when they can’t be in your arms.

The MamaRoo’s motions give parents a hands-free moment while your baby comfortably watches and explores the world around them. So, go ahead, check off your to-do’s knowing that baby is happy by your side. A win-win. 

With five motions, five speeds, and four sounds, you’ll be able to tailor each ride in our multi-motion baby swing so your baby is entertained and content, whatever their mood. The new Find Your Roo™ feature in the 4moms app (available on Android and iOS) will help you discover the motion and speed combination that are most like your own, supporting a seamless transition from your arms to the swing. Smart-home features such as Bluetooth and voice control compatibility, with Amazon Alexa and Google Home (currently in Beta phase), integrate the MamaRoo Baby Swing into your home.  

The Joovy Zoom360 Ultralight Lightweight Performance Jogging Single Stroller

$100 off the blueberry color (while supplies last)

The Zoom360 Ultralight Lightweight Performance Jogging Single Stroller is one of the smoothest and most solid running strollers around. And, it boasts state-of-the-art features to help you cover more miles over tricky terrain.

Some of its standout qualities include large, top-quality, pneumatic wheels, a peek-a-boo window, and a large canopy to keep your child protected from sun or rain. Weighing just 26.25 lbs, it’s the unbelievable lightness of this product that makes it stand out from the rest. You’ll feel like you can jog forever and go anywhere, and the suspension on this running stroller will carry you and your baby smoothly over whatever landscape you encounter. 

Other great aspects of this featherweight jogging stroller include:

  • A high-riding seat so your child can take in the world around them
  • Shock absorbing suspension
  • A weight of just 25.7 lbs
  • Locking and swiveling front tires for stability and maneuverability
  • Extra-large air-filled tires
  • Easy to fold
  • An included parent organizer to keep essentials close at hand
  • Included air pump
  • One-step linked parking brakes
  • Meets Disneyland® / Disney® World stroller size requirements (front wheel needs to be in un-locked mode)
  • Suitable for children 3 months to 75 lbs – also newborn-ready with car seat adapter (car seat adapters sold separately)

Some of the best running strollers are made from high-quality materials, with intuitive design details, and the Zoom360 is certainly no exception. The impeccably-designed running stroller enables you to keep up your fitness routine and spend time with the little one!

Totter + Tumble

For their playtime and your workouts

The Eclipse Play Mat

The Astronomer’s deep, charcoal background is one of Totter + Tumble’s darkest designs. Making an impact in neutral interiors, it is the ideal luxury play mat for any contemporary space providing comfortable bounce back memory foam for playtime. Is also great to use as a workout mat in a home gym. 

Keith Haring Reversible Playmat by Etta Loves – 

 lightweight, stylish and perfect for travel!

Etta Loves  organic cotton playmat provides perfect stimulation for tummy time and playtime and with its striking Keith Haring prints will be loved by everyone. Reversible ‘Baby’ (newborn-4 month print) and ‘Brazil’ (5+ months) in soft organic cotton with a comfy padded fill.

Feltman Brothers

For over 100 years, Feltman Brothers has been creating vintage style baby outfits for boys and girls, giving families the opportunity to create all those wonderful memories. Contributing to moments that can last forever with the timeless designs, portrait-worthy class and heirloom quality.

For the Toddler

Scalloped Pearl Smocked Dress

An utterly precious little girl’s dress from Feltman Brothers! Scalloped stitching lines both the collar and puffed sleeves of this sweet looking dress, making it a perfect choice for your little darling. This baby girl smocked dress is covered in a beautiful diamond stitching and is embellished with hand embroidered clover flowers with a delicate pearl in the center of each. A zigzag design ends off the smocked bodice, and then continues into classy pleats down the length of the dress. Ties in the back with a lovely bow for the perfect finish. A piece that’s so totally detailed and so absolutely adorable… What more could you ask for?!

For Baby

Feltman Brothers Milestone Blanket


These adorable blankets offer a sentimental way for mothers to track their baby’s growth, creating cherished memories for years to come. Additionally, the blankets serve as a practical and visually appealing prop for capturing adorable photos of baby’s developmental milestones. Available in blue or pink, each blanket is beautifully wrapped in a gift box and includes a metal ring to be placed around the month for photographs. 

TropiKids Fruit Activity Box


Hey parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, relatives and pretty much anyone that wants the kids in their lives to eat healthier and have fun doing it! Here it is, by popular request, the TropiKids Box! This box has an amazing combination of delicious tropical and exotic fruits but that’s not the best part!

The box comes with family and kid-friendly recipes along with some fun kid-inspired accessories. Have a fun activity with your kids and enjoy the lip-smacking flavors of pink pineapple, dragon fruit, manzano bananas, and more.

Contains at least 10 pounds of fruit. 

Wildbird Aerial Carrier

The Aerial Carrier by WildBird offers a unique and stylish solution for dads who love spending time outdoors with their little ones. Crafted from durable and breathable materials, this baby carrier ensures both comfort and safety for parent and child alike during adventures. Its sleek design and adjustable features cater to a wide variety of body types. Help create a better bond between father and child with WildBird.

PT3 thermometer

A favorite among both consumer and healthcare professionals, the best-selling PT3 is a non-contact infrared forehead thermometer that gets an immediate reading in one second with no touch necessary.


As I’m sure you’ve seen, Toddler cups come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, each with its own merits. But when it comes to choosing the perfect cup for your little one’s development, straw cups emerge as the clear champions. Unlike sippy cups, which mimic bottle feeding and keep the tongue at the front of the mouth, straw cups encourage the vital skill of pulling the tongue to the back of the mouth for proper drinking.

Sipping with Style: The Straw Cup Advantage

Straw cups offer a host of benefits that make them the top choice for both pediatricians and speech and language pathologists. Not only do straw cups promote proper tongue and mouth placement, but they also help develop hand-eye coordination as children learn to hold, lift, and tip their cups while sitting upright. While sippy cups may provide a transition from bottles, straw cups offer a more natural drinking experience, setting the stage for independent self-feeding.

Grosmimi: The Straw Cup Royalty

Enter Grosmimi – the reigning champion of straw cups! With their masterful craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to excellence, Grosmimi has become a beloved name in the toddler cup universe. Their straw cups are thoughtfully designed to encourage proper oral skills development and offer a delightful drinking experience for little ones. While other cups may require a reclining position or sucking action, Grosmimi straw cups promote independent drinking in an upright position, helping your baby master the necessary skills. Bid farewell to spills and say hello to sipping success with Grosmimi’s extraordinary straw cups!

Nabila K

‘Me & My Friends’ Organic Dusting Powder 

Healing calendula, soothing chamomile, and calming lavender make this 100% all natural organic dusting powder a must-have for your baby. All ingredients are safe and non-toxic for delicate skin. Absorbent corn starch, aloe leaf, and arrowroot powders help absorb dampness and prevent chafing, leaving baby’s bottom feeling smooth and silky soft. Regular use prevents chafing, diaper rash and the calming scent of lavender has been known to offer a calming effect. Give your baby a wonderful start in this new life by only using the best Mother Nature has to offer. Organic Dusting Powder is NEVER tested on animals, is nut free, dye free, vegan, and does not use harmful talc. Pairs well with Me & My Friends Gentle Hair and Body Wash and Baby Balm Diaper Calm (with Zinc and Calendula).

‘Me and My Friends’ Gentle Lavender Shampoo

Swaddle your baby in the loving embrace of all natural lavender shampoo. No tear formulation is free of harsh chemicals, is nut-free, and has no artificial coloring. Soothing lavender wash is enriched with moisturizers and calendula to leave your baby clean and smelling fresh.

 ‘Me and My Friends’ Gentle Lavender Wash

Clean has never been so gentle, and bath time has never been so much fun! From Nabila K’s ‘Me and My Friends’ Kids and Babies line of products, Gentle Lavender Wash is formulated to be tough on dirt and grime, yet gentle enough for your little one’s sensitive skin and hair. The natural oils of lavender and the calendula extracts calm and cleanse while nourishing skin with the pure goodness of natural ingredients.

‘Me and My Friends’ Yummy Body Butter

Like you, we only want the very best for your little one, and our Yummy Body for Kids and Babies contains some of the best natural ingredients to gently soothe and pamper their delicate skin. Not only will this rich butter nourish, the chamomile extract also makes for a calm and relaxing experience.


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