Five Tips for a Stress Free Move With CORT Furniture Rental

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Many years ago when my husband and I were young we thought that buying a home was the right path to take. The older we get the more we realize that instead of buying we should have rented. This is mainly because we have always dreamed of living on the beach. However, beachfront pricing made it impossible to purchase, and unfurnished seasonal rentals didn’t make it practical to rent. It never made sense for us to rent for 6 months, move our furniture into the home to simply move it out a few months later. Due to this situation we never had the opportunity to live directly on the beach. However, that doesn’t have to be the case any longer. Below you can find five tips for a stress free move so you can live your dreams!

  • Pack your breakable dishes with clothes in between them to save on bubble wrap.
  • If you have to move heavy items use a set of shoulder dollies to save your hands and back.
  • Always make sure to pack up your rarely used items far in advance of moving so that you have less to pack when the clock is counting down.
  • If you have to take anything apart put the hardware in bags and tape it to the furniture.
  • Consider furniture rental; such as CORT Furniture Rental.

Five Tips for a Stress Free Move With CORT Furniture Rental

If we had only known about CORT Furniture Rental at that time, we could have been spending our mornings on the beach drinking coffee and following our dreams. No matter if you are moving out on your own for the first time, heading to college, relocating for a job, or any other temporary living situation, it doesn’t always make sense to purchase furniture for your temporary home. CORT Furniture Rental allows you to move as often as necessary without the commitment or hassle of moving bulky furniture each time.


Why hassle with buying, moving, setting up and then having to move, store, sell or discard furniture when you are done with it, when you can rent furniture from CORT? CORT can provide you with complete move in ready packages covering everything you need, delivered and set up it as little as 48 hrs! Check out a few more facts about CORT below:

  • Furniture Rental Showrooms nationwide
  • Extensive range of high quality furniture and accessories
  • Move-in ready packages – show up and your space is “Living Ready“
  • Pre-packaged by the room, whole home or piece-by-piece
  • Personalized selection service
  • Delivery and setup in 48 hours

Five Tips for a Stress Free Move With CORT Furniture Rental

Any temporary living situation can be stressful, make it a little less so with CORT Furniture Rental!

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  1. Yes and I do rent some furniture instead of buying it’s less stressing if you occasionally move from place to place.

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