Start a New Binge With Behind Closed Doors

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I love loved reading. Getting lost in a book was one of the best ways to destress and forget about the problems of the world. Once I was hooked, my biggest challenge was putting the book down. Long before Netflix and Hulu, reading was the original binge for me. Since I’ve had my accident, reading myself is now the bigger challenge. However when all else fails and I’m itching to dive into a new book, my husband will pick up the slack and read it to me.  When I heard about Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris, I knew we had to start a new reading session.

Start a New Binge With Behind Closed Doors

Its incredibly hard for me not to spew every single detail of Jack, Grace, and their perfect marriage. After all, what couldn’t be perfect about a kind-hearted soul, who spent the majority of her adult life caring for her disabled sister and a handsome successful, lawyer, undefeated at advocating for battered women in the courtroom? Gorgeous home, lavish dinner parties, incredible honeymoon, Jack and Grace seem to have it all! Until you realize that George Clooney is a crazy demented son-of-a … who makes Grace … and plans to … I couldn’t help but claw at my husband as every word unraveled more about the characters and their fate.

Things to keep in mind when you pick up your own copy of Behind Closed Doors

  • Its a psychological thriller, but no guts and gore. The true evil is through the mind.
  • Chapters go through past/present time. It was a great way to keep you guessing. However there will be points in time where you will be yelling WHY AREN’T YOU _____!?!?!?!
  • Grace’s character doesn’t seem to be as complex, but I think you can learn more about her in the second read.
  • Be prepared to binge read!

You can pick up your own copy of Behind Closed Doors on Amazon or your local retailer.

Available for purchase August 9th!

Start a New Binge With Behind Closed Doors

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