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Plan the Perfect Overnight Getaway in Newport, Rhode Island

Our vacation plans have been nonexistent between COVID and moving into a new home. The pandemic caused us to bump our trip to Disneyworld twice and we haven’t been able to visit family down south in almost two years! While we’ve been busy working on our forever home during our off days from the fields, we decided to pack up the kids and sneak away for the perfect overnight trip to one of our favorite spots, Newport, Rhode Island.

Newport has always been one of my favorite places to unwind, between the gorgeous harbor and historic sights, to the nautical shops and waterfront dining, there is definitely something for everyone in this New England coastal paradise.

The kids had never been to Newport, or any tourist type town for that matter. In fact, what prompted us to plan the trip was my youngest guy telling us it wasn’t fair the only place they’d gone for vacation was Disney (poor thing). We didn’t have a strict itinerary and after a majority rule vote, decided to visit the Newport Mansions for our first stop once we arrived in Newport.

My husband and I have visited every mansion in Newport, but decided the Breakers would be the best for the kids. All three kids were in awe walking through each room and learning about the lifestyle of the Vanderbilt family. However, their minds were truly blown when we walked into the gorgeous yard overlooking the harbor and they imagined the baseball games that could take place there.

We always try to stay around Bowen’s Wharf in Newport. You’re close to restaurants right on the harbor, like our favorite, The Landing. There you can enjoy your meal right on the dock, overlooking the harbor and gorgeous yachts! Newport offers several other great restaurants for the perfect dinner, like 22 Bowensthe Black Pearl, the Red Parrot, If you want to stay a little more casual and tavern style two of my favorites are the Brick Ally Pub and Gas Lamp Grill.

Ice cream while on vacation is a staple for our family and Newport gives you a few options. We typically stick to one of the Ben & Jerry’s or Sprinkles which is right back at Bowen’s Wharf. If you’re less of an ice cream lover, try the Cookie Jar (also located in Bowen’s Wharf) known for their freshly baked cookies and delicious breakfast sandwiches!

Finally, a family getaway isn’t complete without a trip to the local arcade! Ryan Family Amusements is located right on Thames street, a quick walk or ride from wherever you are staying in Newport. They have an array of games from claw machines to classic arcade games and skill games. All three kids loved being able to run around playing games and, of course, cashing in their tickets at the end to claim prizes (although a mishap caused a yo-yo to fall in the sewer grate)!

We packed in a copious amount of activities in an overnight stay, but only touched on a fraction of what Newport has to offer! Our next family getaway to Newport will definitely include some beach time and maybe even a boat trip! To learn more about booking your trip to Newport, check out Discover Newport for more info!

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