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Dannon is Setting the Bar for Yogurt

As a parent one of the most difficult jobs you have is choosing the right foods to feed your family. But what constitutes “right” versus “wrong” foods? My goal is to always provide my children with nutritious and delicious snacks. The hard part is choosing which products are right for my family, especially with nutrition labels becoming more complicated to decipher all the time. Between complicated labels and so many varieties in every aisle of the local grocery store, making solid healthy choices can become an overwhelming task. Luckily, there is a popular brand who is lightening the stress of trying to choose healthy products for our family. Dannon has pledged to make some big changes to their foods, including how they make their yogurt. But Dannon didn’t stop there! They’ve also made a commitment to sustainable agriculture and working directly with Dairy Farmers. With all these changes, its easy to see how Dannon is setting the bar for yogurt!

Dannon Whole Milk with Badge

Dannon’s pledge stems from a lot of research and listening. That’s right.. L-I-S-T-E-N-I-N-G! They wanted to know what people looked for in their yogurt company. YOU answered and Dannon’s commitment to families was put into action! Here is what Dannon plans to include in their pledge:


  • Non-GMO Ingredients: Dannon is reformulating to use more non-GMO ingredients. The first of these products with non-GMO ingredients were available in 2016. By the end of 2017, ALL products from the Dannon brand family will contain non-GMO ingredients, with Oikos and Danimals products following by the end of 2018. See for yourself at www.dannon.com/ingredients.  By December 2017 Dannon will label all of their products as “Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering” if they contain more than 0.9% of GMO ingredients.
  • Natural Ingredients : Dannon is reformulating their flagship brands (Oikos, Danimals, and Dannon) to be made with natural ingredients and no synthetic additives, preservatives or artificial food dyes. The plan is to have the new ingredients in the cup by the end of 2017 for Dannon branded products, and the end of 2018 for Oikos and Danimls branded products.
  • Non-GMO Feed : Cows producing the milk that makes Dannon’s flagship brands (Oikos, Danimals and Dannon) will be eating non-GMO feed by the end of 2018.
  • Know Your Farmer : Dannon has created personal relationships with each of their farmers. This way Dannon knows exactly how they operate as well as knowing that they are responsible producers who treat their cows well.
  • Animal Welfare : Dannon improved standards to include getting Validus certified. So you can rest easy knowing that the products used come from responsible farmers and properly maintained bovine herds.
    • *Validus is an independent certification company that works with farmers and food companies to ensure food is produced using socially responsible on-farm production practices.
  • Increasing Sustainability : To improve sustainable agriculture and protect biodiversity, Dannon is  working with their farmers to increase soil health, water quality, and decrease carbon emission and energy use.
  • Whole Milk Yogurt : Dannon now offers 11 different flavors in whole milk yogurt.


Whether you simply want to provide quality snacks or you want to support sustainable farming, choosing Dannon yogurts for your families snacks is a great decision. With Dannon’s pledge you can finally #KnowYourYogurt ! Learn more about Dannon’s pledge to reinvent the dairy process here.


*Disclosure: I partnered with Dannon to provide this post, all opinions are my own.

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