Halo Mandarin Oranges- The Perfect Snack

My three year old’s day pretty much revolves around food and toys. He spends most of the day trying to negotiate a peanut butter and jelly (or fluff) sandwhich for any meal of the day. Now that he is gaining independence, snacks are an even more important part of the day for him. Quick snacks he can easily grab make him feel like such a big boy. As we’re preparing his lunch for school and looking for things to eat at home, its vital he has something healthy too.

While the sugary snacks in the store are convenient, I don’t want my toddler to constantly be reaching for the junk food. Luckily, introducing fruits and veggies into my son’s diet since he was a baby, has really programmed him to naturally go with the healthy option. As an alternative to sugary snacks and cakes, I offered apples or oranges.


When packing his lunch for nursery school I always try to give a variety and include him in making the selections. I try to include the following:

  • Protein: left over chicken or rolled up turkey meat
  • Vegetable (usually from dinner the night before) cooked broccoli or carrots
  • Fruit snack: apple, banana, grapes or oranges
  • Fun snack: yogurt, on the go applesauce, goldfish or string cheese
  • Dessert: Graham crackers or chocolate chip cookie

PicMonkey Collage We have many times when he goes on “kicks” of just wanting the same thing everyday… and most of the time it’s a fruit. Recently we received a case of the Halo mandarin oranges, which initiated our latest kick. He absolutely loves how the Halos are small and easy for him to peel by himself. I keep a bowl filled with Halos on the counter that he can easily reach with his stool. Whenever he wants his snack all he has to do is grab a Halo and peel it without having to wait on Mommy or Daddy.


Some info specifically about Halos:

Bursting with “Pure Goodness,” Halos California mandarins are sweet, seedless, and super easy to peel. They’re all natural, non-GMO (non-genetically modified organism), and just the right size for kids’ hands. For snacking, kids’ lunch boxes, and families on the go, Halos are nature’s perfect treat.

halos-logoNot sure where to find Halos? Check out what stores near you are stocked with Halos here.

Its amazing (and bittersweet) to watch my “baby” develop into such a big boy… with something as simple as grabbing his own snack. The fact that he’s opting for a nutritious snack is even better!

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What are the “go to” snacks for your little ones?

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