Share Memories with Family Christmas Cards Through Shutterfly

Creating family Christmas cards is a pivotal part of our holiday festivities. I love being able to share our yearly memories with family and friends. Each year, I count on Shutterfly and Tiny Prints to capture the love and peace of our family in an elegant and personalized card. While creating your holiday cards can be somewhat intimidating, Shutterfly and Tiny Prints, make the process easy and so much fun!

Choosing the right photo is the first step to creating the perfect holiday card. In our family of three kids ages seven and under, it can be challenging to find a photo where everyone is looking in the same direction and smiling. Sometimes the candid photos are our best option, while other times, we get lucky with a perfectly posed portrait.

With hundred of designs to choose from, Shutterfly and Tiny Prints help you narrow your top choices with their ‘Favorites’ feature. Do you like a specific design, but you’re not sure how your photos will look? No problem! You can upload your photos to see how they fit with each design. This year, we opted for a photo that captured the sibling love and silliness of our kids, so we chose a design that was simple, yet fun. It was a hard choice between the new foil stamped, glitter, and gate fold features, but our final decision was a simple foil stamped card with rounded trim.

Here are some of my favorite features of Shutterfly and Tiny Prints Holiday Cards

  • Photo Samples– Sometimes I find beautiful cards, but the theme doesn’t quite match the photo (or photos) I’d like to use. With the upload feature, I can add my personal photos to each design, making it super easy to narrow down my top design choices.
  • Background choices– Not only can you personalize the front card design, but you can customize the back of the card as well. You have the option to select various backgrounds, from complementary patterns or solid colors that have personally been chosen by designers. You can also add photos to the back of the card for NO additional cost!
  • Envelope designs– Shutterfly and Tiny Prints thought of every aspect to personalize your card, right down to the envelope! Choose between various colors, designs, and even opt to include a liner inside the envelope. This year’s envelope design is one of my favorites. A very simple, yet elegant “please deliver to” placed above the recipient address.

  • Addressing options– Don’t stress about printing separate labels, or worse, having to write out each address! Upload your addresses with a simple click, and have each envelope complete with return address, recipient address, or both, saving you a ton of time!
  • FREE designer review– Have an expert Shutterfly/Tiny Prints team member review your final product to ensure picture quality, grammar, and etiquette before heading to print!
  • Promo codes– No need to search all over for a promo code. Shutterfly and Tiny Prints offer various promotional codes and place them on the homepage header!

Whether you decide to start your project through the Shutterfly app on your smart phone, or by logging in from your computer, you can design quality and unique cards to share with your family and friends. I was incredibly happy with the final product of our 2017 Christmas card and couldn’t wait to get them mailed out!

Take a peek at our final product and let me know what you think!

*I partnered with Shutterfly to provide this post, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Your cards turned out amazing! I love using this company for things like this. Quality work and great customer service. 🙂

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