Teach your children the meaning of Christmas with the #GivingTWOgether Phone Drive from T-Mobile

Christmas is about giving, helping, and being thankful, however, many children never learn the importance of helping others. While they may be told to consider the less fortunate, the experience of giving first hand simply never arises. Fortunately, that is changing, for example our son’s school raised money to clothe children for winter. In addition, we donate old toys (in good condition) to those families in need. If you don’t have toys or extra cash to donate, it’s okay, T-Mobile has developed a program that allows you to donate with ease. As the latest and greatest phones and tablets arrive, the devices being replaced somehow find a comfortable drawer to take up space for all eternity. The question being, what to do with these devices? Some people simply throw them out, while other may re-gift. However, now you can make a true impact and teach your children the true meaning of Christmas by simply cleaning out that junk device drawer.

T-Mobile just announced their #GivingTWOgether Phone Drive, where you can recycle any old phone or tablet at a T-Mobile store between December 1st and 31st. During this period T-Mobile will match the recycled value of your devices, after costs, and donate it to charities; Feeding America and Team Rubicon. Through the donations of individuals such as yourself, Feeding America helps to provide food to more than 46,000,000 people across the country, making them the largest hunger relief organization in the United States. In addition, Team Rubicon provides veterans with the opportunity to work with first responders, medical professionals, and technology solutions that deploy emergency response teams to natural disaster areas.

So this year, instead of adding to the collection of outdated electronics, drop by your local T-Mobile with the family and spread some Christmas cheer. Did you know that even the archaic old flip phone could provide over 600 meals to people in need or buy critical equipment for a disaster relief strike team member? Broken devices are worth $30 on average, and you can see an estimated value of how much your device in good working condition will be recycled HERE. Interested in more info on the T-Mobile #GivingTWOgether Phone Drive, find it here.

T-Mobile has been sharing the Christmas spirit for quite some time, as they recently completed the #GivingTuesday charity drive where they let customers, employees and fans give away up to $2,000,000 to charity. Coupling this with the #HR4HR MLB postseason campaign, where T-Mobile was raising awareness and money for hurricane recovery, which culminated in more than $278,000,000 in donations!

So this Christmas season, don’t just buy presents, drop off your old phones and tablets to your local T-Mobile and show your children what the Christmas season is all about!


*This post is sponsored by T-Mobile on behalf of Momtrends Media. All opinions expressed are my own.  


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