Clean Up in a Jiffy with Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle

spongeAs a mom of boys, we are constantly cleaning dirty and sticky handprints from all reachable (and climbable) surfaces. My kitchen counters as well as the bathroom sink and counter are the biggest victims. I feel like I am forever cleaning these areas. Something about the height of my kitchen counters, or maybe that its located halfway to the cabinet that contains cookies, makes it ultra appealing to my three and a half year old, especially when he comes in from outside extra muddy and dirty. I’m sure I don’t stand alone (or maybe I do) tossing and turning at night thinking about that raw chicken I was cleaning on my kitchen counter and praying there was no residue left over after being cleaned that could have possible ended up on my son’s hands. The kitchen isn’t our only “hazard zone” our bathroom is just as toxic. We’ve recently started to let our little man go to the bathroom “alone” which just brings my stress to a whole new level thinking about all of the bathroom germs (I fully admit I am neurotic and a germaphobe).

stoveIn the old days (pre kids) I could take an entire day and fully dedicate it to cleaning the entire house. Now, with a newborn and three and a half year old, I need to do five hours of cleaning in twenty minute increments, which means I need something that cleans with a punch. To make matters a little more complex, I love to have a clean smelling house, but I like it to smell fresh clean- not pumped full of chemicals clean (yes, there is a difference).



Since I’ve always been a Mr. Clean girl, I was overjoyed to test out the new Mr. Clean Liquid muscle! I’ve been using Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle with Gain scent, which really makes the entire house smell so fresh, but there are five options to choose from:

  • Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle with scent of Gain
  • Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle Bath
  • Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle with Febreze Meadows and Rain
  • Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle with Lemon
  • Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle with grease fighting power of Dawn

I can now squeeze Mr. Clean on my sponge and clean the counters, stovetop, and other surfaces. I can take that SAME Mr. Clean bottle and go clean the bathroom sink and counter. THEN, I can yet again use the same bottle and wash our floors. Its literally a one stop shop, getting rid of a bunch of bottles that are under my sink. The biggest selling point for me was each Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle has 2.5 times more power in every drop and does not contain phosphates, chlorine, bleach or ammonia. I can rest assured knowing my bathroom and kitchen are clean without having that lingering smell of chemicals (ie. chlorine, bleach or ammonia).

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Which Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle is your favorite?


This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Mr. Clean, all opinions are my own.


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