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Power Imagination With WowWee and Duracell

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Technology is continuously providing us innovative ways to play and learn. My boys love any opportunity to try new toys and I love when they’re able learn while they’re enjoying the latest gadgets. Thanks to WowWee and Duracell, my sons’ were able to power their imagination on a whole new level!

Power Imagination With WowWee and Duracell

My oldest son has been asking for awhile for another dog, however our 105 pound bulldog is plenty of canine for our family. When we had the opportunity to adopt CHiP into our family, I knew my boys would be ecstatic. Not only are they able to play with CHiP, but they’re learning the responsibilities of taking care of a pet on their own.


CHiP is a trainable robotic dog. He uses advanced sensors and smart accessories, to always stay alert and ready to play. Your responses and commands helps to uniquely shape CHiP’s behavior, so no other CHiP is ever exactly like yours! My boys love being able to play fetch with CHiP in the house! We’ve been working on CHiP’s training in order to get him to respond to voice commands and hand signals. Since my oldest son uses the smart band, he’s often followed around the house by CHiP.

If you’ve heard the same begs from your kids about getting a pet, consider CHiP!


Each CHiP package comes complete with

  • A WowWee CHiP Robot Dog
  • SmartBand
  • SmartBed (charging station)
  • SmartBall (perfect for playing fetch)
  • Easily downloadable app for your smartphone or tablet

We also had the opportunity to learn about COJI, the coding robot that teaches you programming through emojis! COJI encourages problem solving and strengthens critical thinking by various games that incorporate emoji commands.


The technology aspect of CHiP and COJI not only allows my boys to power their imagination, but also further expands their knowledge of syncing and operating devices from their tablet!

Power Imagination With WowWee and Duracell

Toys”R”Us is the stop for CHiP, COJI, and Duracell batteries! To see the latest from Toys”R”Us follow them

Website: http://www.toysrus.com/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/toysrus/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/toysrus
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toysrus
WowWee CHiP website: http://wowwee.com/chip


My boys’ imaginations are able to sore thanks to CHiP, COJI and the Duracell batteries that power them!


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