Three Easy Tips to Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday shopping is a holiday in itself for my family. We love the gathering at Thanksgiving, Black Friday is the day for the girls to get together and embark on the season of shopping! Every year we develop a plan of attack for hitting the road to Black Friday shop. While we deem ourselves experts in Black Friday shopping, you can reap all of the benefits and fun of shopping, even as a beginner. Last year we took one of my best friends (a Black Friday newbie) on our Black Friday excursion and she did great, getting the best deals of the season! You can read more about it here! Follow these three easy tips to Black Friday Shopping

Three Easy Tips to Black Friday Shopping

  1. Make your name list! Write down all of the gift receivers for this holiday season. Once you have everyone’s name, make some notes of gift ideas that fit each recipient.
  2. Check out the flyers! The flyers that are available on Thanksgiving give many of the critical details for Black Friday shopping. They will list many of the sales items that can be found in each store and the store hours. Some stores open Thanksgiving evening, while others won’t open until Friday morning.
  3. Plot out your route! After going through the flyers, mark out the stores you’ll definitely be visiting. Once you narrow down the stores, you can determine the best time to embark on the adventure!

*Tip: The sales for some items are specified by time, so be sure to double check the time frames for the sales.

Three Easy Tips to Black Friday Shopping

Take advantage of this year’s Black Friday deals, regardless of your experience level! Stay organized, keep focus, and get those sales!

Three Easy Tips to Black Friday Shopping

Whats the best sale you ever scored on Black Friday?


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