5 Signs You’re Too Reliant On Your Smartphone


The smartphone is an incredible invention. It essentially allows you to put the world in your sprocket. It can allow you to do anything from dimming the lights to selling stocks and shares, buy a pizza or even run a side hustle and boost your income with a few simple taps and swipes. There’s no doubt that the advent of the smartphone has changes the way we live, work and do business. And as mobile technology grows more ubiquitous and sophisticated, who knows what the future may hold? From smartphones that fold neatly in half to smartphones with e-ink screens that could potentially replace e-readers, we have a lot of cool stuff to look forward to.

However, we need to temper our enthusiasm with a hint of caution. We need to ensure that our relationships with our phones is healthy, even as we become more reliant on them. And a big part of this is being self-aware enough to identify the signs that we have become over-reliant on our phones. Here are 5 signs that you might be letting your phone take control of you rather than the other way around.


You get caught “Phubbing”


Look around any restaurant these days and you’ll likely see a newly formed couple on a date, with one “phubbing” the other, who rolls their eyes in embarrassment and quiet outrage. But while we may deride those who are guilty of phone snubbing or “phubbing”, it’s something that we’re all guilty of from time to time. If you find yourself instinctively reaching for your phone during any moment of quiet, this is not a great sign. Especially if you’re at the dinner table or on a date.


Cars and pedestrians come at you “out of nowhere”


Through our phones, we have access to millions of hours’ worth of music, podcasts, videos and audiobooks. So you need never walk alone. But at the same time, having a constant stream of data flowing into our ears can make us blind to the world around us. Even if you think you’re looking where you’re going. If pedestrians and vehicles seem to appear in your path out of nowhere, it’s likely because your attention was elsewhere. Unless you take steps to rectify this you could end up needing traumatic brain injury lawyers after you get hit by a car. Protect your health and stay alert when using your phone!


You can’t sleep


Smartphones and other devices emit blue light. Light at this frequency can inhibit the brain’s production of the sleep hormone melatonin. So if you find that you’re struck with insomnia of late, it could be that your smartphone is to blame. Try setting it to one side a few hours before bed time. Take a hot bath and get lost in a good book (a paper one) instead.


You find that you’re quick to boredom without it


Finally, those who are over-reliant on their phones often feel incomplete without them. A walk in the park on a sunny day or even a conversation with a friend can become boring without it. And if you can’t go more than a few minutes without reaching for your phone… that could be a problem.



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