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If you are a regular traveler, whether for work or pleasure and especially abroad, you should also consider your cyber security. Travelling is wonderful but business travelers in particular are vulnerable, as they often carry sensitive data, both personal and business, through a variety of devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets. Good communication is great as well as having apps to assist – Huawei Member Center  offers many benefits. In the meantime, however, here are eight safety tips for business travelers as well as those planning a vacation abroad:


  1. Pay attention to Public Wi – Fi 

Laws and regulations governing cyber security vary from country to country. Providing free Wi-Fi access can be very cost-effective, but it is also particularly vulnerable to security issues. Avoid connecting to unencrypted Wi-Fi networks, ask your hotel about the security protocol before connecting to the Web. Be especially careful when using Internet Cafe and free Wi-Fi hotspots, if you must use them, avoid access to personal accounts or sensitive data while you are connected to these networks.


  1. Turn off Auto – Connect 

Most phones have a setting that allows the device to automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks as you switch locations or offices during the day. While this is a good and convenient feature when used at home or in the office, it is not something you should allow to happen while traveling abroad. Before you leave for your trip, change this setting so that your smartphone and laptop are now manually connected each time you want to access the Web.


  1. Limit Location Sharing 

It is very common for travelers to update their social networking sites as they move to a new country or city. The problem with this type of over publishing is that it poses a threat to our home security. By notifying each of your locations, it is easy for a criminal to determine that you are not in your hotel room or Airbnb. Limit the information you post on the internet about your specific location at all times to reduce threats to your personal property. 


  1. Install an Antivirus application 

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your personal and company data safe while you travel. In addition to using a reliable security solution such as those from Bitdefender, make sure you update the applications used with their new versions.


  1. Update your Passwords 

If you are planning to travel, change all the passwords you use regularly. Also, if you need to create a PIN for a safe or box in a hotel room, make sure it is unique and not something you usually use. Do not neglect to create a password, or use a simple number sequence. Take the time to create something that will keep a criminal out of your personal possessions. Once you get home, you can change all your passwords again. 


  1. Turn off the Bluetooth connection 

Just like the automatic Wi-Fi connection on your phone, the automatic Bluetooth connection can cause problems. Bluetooth signals can come from anywhere. If your Bluetooth is turned on, a third party may connect to your phone and possibly interfere with your device. Keep Bluetooth off as much as possible while traveling abroad.

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