Keep That Healthy Smile without Dental Insurance

This post was sponsored by Chewsi as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Keeping a healthy smile is so important, but it seems nearly impossible, especially if you don’t have dental insurance. In fact, the thought of paying out of pocket for dental services can be overwhelming and intimidating, until now! Thanks to Chewsi, every dental service is available to you at a significantly discounted rate, to make keeping that healthy smile easier than ever.

Our kids go for their regular dental appointments under their dental insurance coverage, but what happens when employers don’t offer adults the same coverage? You are left with the choice of paying the costly rates for the dental services out of packet, picking up a separate dental policy which involves costly monthly premiums, or skipping your yearly cleanings and preventative dental services altogether.

Recently, my husband and I downloaded the Chewsi app and were shocked at our savings on dental services. Best of all, Chewsi works regardless of your personal situation and covers all services from regular cleanings, X-rays, and crowns, to orthodontics and teeth whitening.

Signing up for Chewsi was super easy:

  1. Download the Chewsi App.
  2. Enter Your Personal Information and method of payment.
  3. Search for a Chewsi dentist in your area!

Chewsi offers savings without ANY monthly fees, which is huge if you are like my husband and I with no adult dental coverage. For those with active dental insurance coverage, you can use Chewsi to save on services that are not covered under you plan, such as cosmetic services. Chewsi can also save you money when you’ve reached the maximum amount of coverage for services under your plan. Not only will you save on your services without being subject to any monthly fees, but Chewsi has NO limits, exclusions, or restrictions!

Signing up takes 30 seconds and Chewsi’s Find-A-Dentist Tool makes it easy to find hundreds of Chewsi dentists simply by entering your location. After your appointment, you’ll pay using your smartphone and instantly see your savings. You’re not required to fill out any paperwork, which means no hassles.

Whether you’re looking to save money on preventative dental services or cosmetic dental procedures, Chewsi can help! To learn more, follow Chewsi on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Meet Chewsi here and check out the FAQs.

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