To my family, love the brain injured girl.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to give thanks and show your loved ones how grateful you are to have them. Instead of listing off a ton of things that I’m thankful for this year, I decided to write a letter to those for which I am most thankful.

To my family, love the brain injured girl.


To my husband– I am most thankful for you. For the many times a month you drive me to the doctor or the store or any other place I need to visit. For holding my hand and counting out every contraction for all three of our children’s births. For rubbing my head when my migraines are so bad that I can’t even open my eyes. For never giving up on me when my entire life changed with one hit to the head. You truly are the bet thing I’ve ever called mine.

To my boys and my princess– You are the reasons I give thanks. For making me a mama and letting me kiss your boo boos and tuck you into bed. For teaching me that its okay to get dirty and sticky. For allowing me to embrace snuggle time and the sometimes two hour trip to go to bed. For showing me that I may not be able to do so many things, but I’ll always be able to be your mommy.


To my parents– You show the true meaning of unconditional love and thankfulness. For always worrying and never showing it. For dropping everything to take sick boys because their newborn sister can’t be around germs. For knowing how a trip to Starbucks is sometimes the saving grace of the day. For teaching me to have faith and when all else fails .. pray.

To my sister– Thanks for always bringing the laughter. For saying “woosa” when it’s needed most. For knowing every Friends reference I throw out there. And for being an amazing Zia.


To my best friends– You are more like family. I’m thankful for every text, call, and “check in” even on the craziest of days.  For always being there and loving me through all my flaws.

To my family– I’m thankful to always have your support, to be able to share in so much laugher and joy, and be able to continue making memories- even if I cant remember them.



I am thankful for all of you everyday of the year, but just know how amazing you are to me.


What are you most thankful? 

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