Make Your Own Reindeer Christmas Decorations

I love to incorporate my kids as much as possible in our holiday gift giving and decorating. Close family and friends love to receive gifts that have that “special” touch from the kids. As a bonus, if I can use some of our homemade gifts as decorations, its a win win! Last year we decided to make reindeer decorations in honor of little Prince’s first Christmas!

Making reindeer feet was super easy and tons of fun for the kids (whats better than getting painted by mom)! We made our reindeer feet on regular white paper and they hung wonderfully!

Make Your Own Reindeer Christmas Decorations

Here’s what you’ll need to get started

  • Washable paint
  • 1 large paintbrush
  • 1 small paintbrush
  • Sharpie marker
  • Paper
  • Washcloth and cup of warm water


  1. Clean feet before getting started
  2. Paint bottom of foot from heal and cover all toes
  3. Place foot on paper, pressing down on each toe
  4. Carefully remove foot from paper, take washcloth and warm water to wipe off foot
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 with second foot
  6. Hang footprints to dry 1 hour (or until no longer wet)
  7. Take small paintbrush to make eyes on balls of footprints
  8. Use small paintbrush to dot nose on heel of footprints
  9. Draw antlers at base of big toe and pinky toe with sharpie marker

These adorable reindeer are perfect to put on display. Make them each year to see how much your little one has grown!


What’s your best homemade holiday decoration?


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