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Have A Bird’s Eye View With The VTech VM343 Baby Monitor

As a mom of three kids, there is also someone who needs me. Whether it’s my five year old needing help with his homework, my two year old wanting a snack, or my infant needing a diaper change, I’m usually running in multiple directions. While I try to stay focused on each child’s needs, its impossible to have eyes on all three at once. This is the exact reason I use my monitor daily, especially when my infant is in the other room. I can keep a bird’s eye view with the VTech VM343 video baby monitor, and have eyes in multiple rooms of my house!

Have A Bird's Eye View With The VTech VM343 Baby Monitor

Our house is set up with bedrooms on multiple levels, which means if I’m doing laundry on one level, my infant may be napping on another. Even as an experienced mom, I still get nervous with being multiple levels away from my little girl. But lets be realistic, I couldn’t possible get anything done in the house or with my other two kids, if I’m running into her room every thirty seconds to make sure she’s okay.

Have A Bird's Eye View With The VTech VM343 Baby Monitor

Mornings were always a huge challenge because the Princess would take her morning nap right around the time my son’s bus was getting ready to arrive. I would have to hold off an exhausted infant until the bus came because her bedroom was on the upper level of our home. The VTech VM343 comes standard with up to 1,000 feet of range allowing me to put the Princess down for her morning nap and keep an eye on her as we wait for my son’s school bus! Plus, the monitor can expand up to four cameras, which means I can keep an eye on her from any room and I can select from multiple viewing options.

Have A Bird's Eye View With The VTech VM343 Baby Monitor

The VTech VM343 not only alleviates the stress of having my baby in another room, but also allows me to watch those magical moments as she discovers new things in her surroundings.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned from having the VTech VM343 Baby Monitor:

  1. Baby girl is really working on her rolling! She may not be getting all the way over, but she is getting closer and closer everyday.
  2. She also really likes her glow worm and will babble to it when she gets up from a nap.
  3. She’s a mover! Usually about 10 minutes after I put her down for a nap, she turns clockwise and is perpendicular in her crib.
  4. My two year old is extremely attentive! He will “shh shh shh” her if she’s crying and even tries to sing her a lullaby.
  5. My five year old is like a little manny (male nanny). I had no idea that he checked in ON her multiple times when shes sleeping. He makes sure she is covered and the blanket isn’t anywhere near her face!

Have A Bird's Eye View With The VTech VM343 Baby Monitor

I knew my boys were incredible big brothers, but I was actually able to sneak peek those amazing moments through the VTech VM343 Baby Monitor and see what they did when mommy & daddy weren’t around!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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