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We are officially back to school, which means back to the snack attack. If your family is anything like my crew of boys, snacking is something that happens 24/7. We need a snack for everything! Packing up for school means snacks for lunch and snack time. then we grab a snack while we wait for the bus (after breakfast). Not to mention the minute my son is off the bus, he’s reaching for a snack. Plus let’s not forget the pre dinner snack, post dinner snack, and snack before bed.

Its safe to say that there is a constant flow of food intake in our house, but I seem to face two huge challenges when it come to my kids’ snacks. Time– I try to prep snacks, but it can be really time consuming to stop cooking dinner to make a snack. As much as I would love to be a Martha Stewart mom that always has perfect little star shaped sandwiches, that’s just not realistic for me. Nutrition– Its really easy to grab a bag of processed junk and let your kids go to town, but honestly I can’t bring myself to do that. It is imperative to me that they have HEALTHY snacks that will help accelerate their growing minds and bodies.

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Love With Food is a monthly subscription, perfect for the snacking family, that lets you try organic or all-natural snacks that are delivered right to your door. The subscription membership starts as low as $7.99 per month, and for each box ordered, Love With Food will donate one meal to a hungry child in America. Each box comes with a variety of surprise snacks, however if you find a particular snack you can’t live without, you can simply go to the Love With Food website and order that snack!

When our Love With Food boxes arrived, it was pretty much like Christmas morning for the boys in my house (including the 20 month old). They couldn’t wait to see what goodies were inside, and I was pretty excited to know that their selection of snacks wouldn’t require me to double check the label and play the guilt game if I was going to let them eat it or not. My five year old, of course went for the largest box, which was the Gluten- Free box.


Our Gluten- Free Box included

  • Himalania Raw Goji Berries by Natierra
  • Apple Hard Candy by Goorganic
  • Boysenberry Chocolate Kettle Cooked Apples by Big Slice
  • Gluten Free Blueberry Fig Bar by Nature’s Bakery
  • Popped Salted Caramel Kind Healthy Grains® Bar
  • Harissa Simmer Sauce by Saffron Road
  • Mojave Jalapeno Multigrain Chips by Lundberg Family Farms
  • Gluten Free Honey Mustard Pretzels by Glutino
  • Lemon-E Poppy Cookie by Liz Lovely
  • Shasta Chipotle Lime Multigrain Chips by Lundberg Family Farms
  • Roasted Broad Beans by Elightened

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Everyone was quick to grab their tasters, my son went right for the Honey Mustard Pretzels, while my husband snagged the Apple Hard Candy.

While the boys duked it out over the Gluten Free box, I checked out the Getaway Tasting box.

Our Getaway Tasting Box included

  • Popcorn by 479°
  • Apple Hard Candy by Goorganic
  • Peanut Butter by Wild Friends
  • Roasted Broad Beans by Enlightened
  • Popped Salted Caramel Kind Healthy Grains® Bar
  • Rosemary Croccantini by La Panzanella
  • Lemon Rooibos Iced Herbal Tea by Stash
  • Fruity Pie

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I immediately snagged the Popped Salted Caramel Kind Healthy Grains Bar* which was the PERFECT sweet craving snack when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, but be kind to your body. It was similar to the consistency of a granola bar, but didn’t all crumble, which was great.

The best part about the boxes is the variety. Everyone in the family can find something they like and its not specific to one type of snack. The convenient packages make it super easy to throw in a lunch box, snack bag, or take on the go on our way to football practice. I stay guilt free about my kids not only eating healthy snacks, but they’re getting a variety and not stuck with the same boring carrot sticks or cheese and crackers.

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All monthly subscriptions come with FREE shipping! PLUS I’m offering my readers a discount on your first orders!

Save 40% on your first tasting box at this link.

Save 50% on your first gluten-free box at this link.

*Disclosure: My family received the two Love With Food boxes shown above complimentary to conduct this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

What Love With Food snack would you want to try first?

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