Stay Ahead of the Storm with #MySnowCast

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SnowCast. All opinions are 100% mine.

Living in New England winter can make daily life a struggle at times. At any moment we could be hit with the next big storm and snowed in for days. This can make it especially difficult when trying to get the kids to school, wrestling, basketball, gymnastics, and any of the seemingly never ending activities that the modern parent obliges their children with. The biggest problem for me is that the traditional television forecast is difficult to decipher. With a ranging forecast how does one know when it will start snowing, how long will it snow, and will the accumulation be manageable. These are the questions I constantly find my wife and I asking each other. That was until I had the opportunity to try the SnowCast App for iOS.

With SnowCast I can see exactly how much snow will fall now, in the afternoon or any time over the next 48 hours. I check the #MySnowCast App each morning before I head out so that I know exactly what to expect. The best part is that there is no more rolling the dice trying to figure out the traditional television forecast. The SnowCast App tells me whether we need to leave wrestling, gymnastics or basketball practice early, or if I should shovel the driveway tonight allowing me to sleep a few extra minutes in the morning. You can even set the app to notify you when there is going to be snow in your area. With available push notifications at 1, 2, 5, or 8 plus inches of snow falling! If you are like me and prefer to see the storms progression via animated radar for yourself it’s just touch away. The SnowCast App offers a simple interface, user friendly operation, and makes navigating a sometimes treacherous winter wonderland a walk in the park! If your ready to stop guessing and start knowing how the next snowstorm will affect you and your family try the SnowCast App for yourself! Download the app


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