3 Ways To Stop Being Stuck In Your Quarantine Routine

Have you found yourself in a rut with your day-to-day quarantine routine? You’re not alone. Whether you’re living alone or spending quarantine with your kids, it’s a hard time for everyone. Without realizing it, many of us have fallen into the trap of lazy instability during the coronavirus pandemic. While routine is useful for emotional balance and stability, it can be a curse as well as a blessing. Often, we use our downtime as a time to catch up on sleep and TV – and that’s fine – but in this extended period of rest, we all need some fuel on the fire. While this can be a hard funk to wriggle out of, there are tonnes of ways to shake up your mundane quarantine routine. 


  1. Learn a new skill!


When you’re already in a slump, trying a new thing might be the last thing on your list. It shouldn’t be. You might be in such a pit that you don’t want to push yourself – which is exactly when you know you must! If there’s a skill you’ve always wanted to attempt, but you’ve always been too afraid, this is precisely the time to do it. 


This ‘new thing’ doesn’t have to be something crazy or dangerous. It can be something straightforward – as long as it’s new to you. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, either – you can learn a new thing from inside your four walls, like a musical instrument, or a new language. Learning online with sites such as Piano In 21 Days can push you to learn a new talent in a user-friendly environment. 


  1. Show off your new ‘thing’ online


The online community has been the saving grace for many people during this lockdown period. Whether it’s participating in a quiz on Zoom, or having your weekly coffee date with your best friend via Skype, there are so many ways to socialize without endangering yourself or others. 


Once you’ve honed your new ‘thing’, like piano playing, knitting, or baking the perfect cheesecake, get online and show it off! It’s guaranteed that your family, friends and social media followers will love your updates and applaud you for learning something brand new. It sounds simple, but having that extra level of interaction makes all the difference to your wellbeing. 


  1. Set goals


Although this pandemic brings new challenges every day, and nobody’s quite sure when it’ll be over, setting goals is still a great idea. Saying mantras like ‘By the end of quarantine I will…’, will boost your motivation to complete the tasks at hand. It could be a fitness goal, reaching a certain level with your new skill, or a home-improvement challenge. There are endless goals to be achieved, even when you’re sitting at home. 


Another way to keep yourself motivated is to set group goals with your friends. Whether you’re quarantining together or not, this togetherness will help your mental health. Starting something new alone can be hard, so persuading your mates to get involved is a great solution!

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