Support Fellow Small Business Owner Entrepreneurs with GoDaddy’s Microsite #OpenWeStand

*I’m partnering with GoDaddy’s microsite and #OpenWeStand forum for resources, inspiration, & connection to other entrepreneurs during COVID-19.

COVID-19 has become the kryptonite for entrepreneurs across the nation. As a small business owner, COVID-19 has brought a set of challenges we never considered. With the global economy at risk, its imperative for small business owners and entrepreneurs to ban together to keep our customer base afloat. I’m so excited to partner with GoDaddy on their #OpenWeStand microsite, specifically created for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

As an owner of a boot camp facility, our gym was shut down amid the COVID-19 crisis. Since our business model involves facilitating clients through their fitness journey, in-person, and supporting their healthy lifestyle, we needed to get innovative with transitioning the entire system to an in-home program. The 30-minute workouts are the hub of our business plan, however along with the shifts to our program, we also needed to heavily incorporate attacking the mental obstacles resulting from COVID-19.

Along with the 30-minute at home workouts, we’re incorporating Facebook lives, daily text reminders and notifications, weekly nutrition and wellness check-ins with accountability coaches, and Zoom calls with topics surrounding fitness, nutrition, motivation, and wellbeing. We also greatly ramped up our social media presence by providing daily content about motivation, nutrition, wellness, healthy recipes, and activities to do at home with the family. The value that we are providing is without a doubt exceeding any expectations of a traditional at-home fitness program.

Owning a small business also makes us committed to our community of local and global businesses. We’ve partnered with other businesses by sharing services they have available on our social channels, but GoDaddy has made it possible to connect with other small business entrepreneurs to connect through this challenging time. From resources to keep you open to advise from other small business owners, GoDaddy’s #OpenWeStand microsite has you covered. Check out GoDaddy’s #OpenWeStand microsite and connect with other small business owners in the #OpenWeStand forum who are in the trenches during COVID-19.

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  1. Great content that every business owners can refer through and have motivation to do so.

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