Fun Lunch Ideas For Kids

Create fun lunch ideas for your kids. Getting your kids to eat lunch can be quite a challenge, especially if they’re heads down playing. Not to mention, finding something your kids will eat is a chore. Making lunch time fun or more like a game or adventure can make eating lunch a whole lot easier.

Here are some fun lunch ideas for kids:

Fun Lunch

  • Serve lunch outside – Don’t have a picnic table? Use a towel or blanket.
  • Pretend to be animals – Serving broccoli? Let’s be dinosaurs and eat those trees
  • Hide out – Sit under the table or make a fort out of sheets & blankets
  • Be Jake and the Neverland Pirates – Make lunch the hidden treasure
  • I wouldn’t suggest this all the time, but once in a blue moon- Have a treat first, like ice cream. I usually have an early dinner since there isn’t much lunch consumed after the ice cream.
  • Little Girls love to play waitress, let them take your order. You be the cook, and they need to serve you. Of course then ask them to join you.

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Get your creative juices flowing, there are tons of ideas you can come up with.


How do you make lunch fun?

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