Selecting a Nursery School

Once my son turned three, we decided it was time to enroll him in nursery school. We were fortunate enough to have him home for his first three years with family and never needed to utilize a daycare center. Although I was sure this transition would be harder on me than him, I knew the search for the perfect school would be just as hard as dropping him off the first day. There are so many questions that came to mind and so many things to consider. Here are a few things to think about when you are looking for a preschool or nursery school.

– What is a typical day?

– What is the school’s philosophy?

– What is the experience and background of the teachers? Are they CPR certified?

– What is the turnover rate for teachers?

– How long has the teacher been in the classroom (and how long will my child be with that teacher)?

– How does the teacher interact with your child when you go for a tour?

– What is the child to teacher ratio?

– Are snacks and drinks provided?

– Is there nap time?

– Is potty training required?

– Is it an open door policy- can you stop in at any time?

– What is the discipline?

– What are the programs days and hours?

– What is the tuition?

– What is the security? How do visitors enter and exit the center?

– What is the process and policy for drop off and pick up?

– Are references available?

Make an appointment to go on a tour of the facility and ask questions! Request references and reach out to parents that have children at the school. What do they LOVE about the program, and where does the program lack?

What questions did you ask when picking out your child’s school?


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