Floating Hospital for Children is a Reliable Resource For Parents

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Raising children is the most stressful, nerve wracking, yet rewarding experience that will ever occur in a person’s lifetime. Unfortunately, when heading home after birth, the hospitals don’t bid you adieu with any type of manual or instruction booklet for the years to come. Luckily for parents, there is a reliable resource like the Floating Hospital for Children to help parents when we need it most.floating hospital logo

The Floating Hospital is located is in downtown Boston with partnerships in the community. The facility provides pediatric inpatient and outpatient services in every medical and surgical specialty—from general pediatric services to the care of the most complex cancers, heart diseases and traumas. The Floating Hospital offers a smaller, more intimate environment, that allows children and families to feel more comfortable while receiving medical care.

Whether you’re looking for preventative services, treatment for chronic conditions, or taking proactive steps for a healthy lifestyle to avoid childhood obesity, medical professionals from Floating Hospital for Children are there to help.

With the risk of childhood obesity growing, its important to connect with your child and set healthy habits early. While initiating a conversation surrounding weight with your child can be challenging and nerve wracking, its a vital discussion. According to Michael Leidig, MS, RD, LDN, CPT, Clinical Director of the Center for Youth Wellness at Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center, “parents should talk to their children about their weight but should be careful to strike the appropriate tone.”

Leidig_MichaelHere are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep the conversation simple, especially if your child is younger. Keep the focus on the health and well being of everyone in the family. Suggest family activities such as hiking, bike riding, or a family baseball game in the backyard.
  • In older children, ask questions that prompt conversation to better learn how the child feels about their own health or weight. If they are struggling, its important for you to be aware.
  • Never focus on looks or appearance, but rather health and wellness. Opting for fruits and vegetables over sweets and junk food provides more energy for playing and fun.
  • Don’t put a huge stigma on food. Support your child by developing a plan of action. Offer healthy alternatives and work on providing healthy meals for the entire family.
  • Practice what you preach! Teach your children the healthy behaviors by following them yourself. Opt for nutritious foods and snacks like fruits and vegetables versus sugary foods. Engage in healthy activities and look to include your child rather than watching TV or playing on your phone. Instilling these behaviors early on will be beneficial for long term results.



For more information on keeping your kids healthy and strong, visit www.floatinghospital.org and follow them:

As a parent, concerns regarding our children cross our minds daily. Its nice to know we have Floating Hospital for Children as a resource to guide and support us through those concerns!


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