Five Alternatives To Candy For Trick Or Treaters

Halloween is the candy holiday of the year. If your kids participate in Trick or Treating, chances are they pick up more candy then they can handle. While candy on occasion is fine, I’m not one to overindulge and I definitely try to steer my boys clear from the Halloween sugar high. If you’re contemplating the treats to divvy out and want to think out of the candy box, here are five alternatives that will still have kids excited.

Five Alternatives To Candy For Trick Or Treaters #FallFun31

1. School supplies. You can keep a Halloween theme and give out pencils, erasers, or mini notepads. Most of the items can be purchased in bulk at a dollar store or bargain store.

2. Stickers. There’s just something about stickers that kids love. These can also be Halloween themed, but really ANY kind of sticker is sure to be a hit. This is another item easily purchased in bulk through the dollar store or bargain store.

3. Organic Fruit snacks. While fruit snacks aren’t the healthiest snack there is, it’s certainly not the worst. Giving these out still provides the kids with something to snack on but cuts back on the junk aspect of Halloween.

4. Granola bars/nutra grain bars. Another snack alternative that steers away from the candy, but fills the tummy. My boys LOVE granola and nutra grain bars.

5. Glow in the dark bracelets and light sticks. Another item that the kids get really excited about and it’s also great for safety. You can purchase the glow sticks and brackets in bulk at the dollar store or bargain store.

Five Alternatives To Candy For Trick Or Treaters #FallFun31

Candy is a big part of Halloween, but it doesn’t have to be the main part. Offering kids candy alternatives will give them a pleasant surprise!


What do you offer your Trick or Treaters?

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  1. These are great ideas and they get so much candy that is wasted. You know these will be used

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